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New Packer Has Sacks Appeal

12 Aug 2004

Form-fill-seal bagging machine changes from mini to maxi sacks in minutes
Highly Versatile Form Fill Seal Bagger

The new highly versatile CV3080 form-fill-seal bagger from Webster Griffin fills 2.5kg mini bags to 40kg maxi bags at packing rates of 1300 - 750 bags per hour.

Three sizes of bag forming tube are mounted on a carousel, so that bag size ‘change-overs’ can be done in minutes.

This machine is suitable for packing soil and compost, sand and aggregate, food ingredients and chemicals - it also comes with special features for packing powdery products.

The CV3080 is equipped with an easy to view colour touch screen control panel holding 44 pre-set packing programmes for different bag sizes, weights, product types etc. The screen gives a ‘real time’ indication of the number of bags packed per minute, raises an alarm should a stoppage occur and reminds the operator when the next service is due.

For more information please send us an email or contact Mark Wilson on 01892 664250