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Form-fill-seal doubles production

19 Sep 2006

Mansfield Sand Company Ltd installs high speed form-fill-seal bagging line
Form Fill Seal bagging system for Mansfield Sand Company

Mansfield Sand Company Ltd supplies mainly specialist products, bagged and loose, to Foundry, Sports, Equestrian and Landscape markets.

The quarrying, washing, drying, blending and bagging processes are all quality controlled to ISO 9005.

Always innovating, Mansfield Sand pride themselves on being the first to benefit from new technology.

They have recently installed a fully automatic high speed form-fill-seal bagging and robot palletizing system at their Ratcher Hill Quarry for 12.5kg, 25kg and 40kg bags.

Even though some of their products are extremely fine and dusty the B&C CV3080 FFS m/c pumps out production at a staggering 1000-1200 bags/hour.