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UPS-500 Automatic bagging machine

10 Aug 2005

The UPS-500 automatic bagging machine from Umbra Packaging is a versatile machine suitable for packing lumpy or powdery products into any type and size of bag.
UPS-500 Automatic Bagging Machine

  • Granular products – dry pet food, animal feed, plastics
  • Fine powders – food ingredients, chemicals, blended cements
  • Aerated products – flour, minerals, milk products

Available with a unique de-aeration system, this machine will compact and reduce the volume of some powders inside the bag, even while maintaining a high bagging rate. Reliable, unattended operation is assured because it clamps and holds the top of the bag continuously throughout the packing cycle.

Amazingly, this machine can handle paper, plastic, WPP, Jute and cotton bags, and does not even require adjustment when changing from pillow shaped to gusseted bags.