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One Packing Machine - Any Size of Bag

06 Aug 2002

UP-1000 is a versatile, high speed bagging machine

The UP-1000 is a versatile, high speed bagging machine for 1 kg - 25kg bags, it will handle plastic, paper, non gusseted or gusseted bags . . . .  bags with handles, bags without handles.   

Quick automatic changeovers mean that it is now profitable for companies to produce small batches which are packed into whatever size and type of bag their client requests.

The UP-1000 is built to food industry standards and it is easy and quick to clean down between different products and flavours.

The UP-1000 is suitable for fine powders as well as granular or agglomerated products, it can fill foil laminated barrier bags - dramatically increasing the shelf life of preservative free food mixes and ingredients.

The UP-1000 is also fast and therefore replaces two or three manual bagging lines saving capital costs and reducing manning levels.