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Dubai Municipality STP (Sewage Treatment Project) Jabel Ali

16 Jun 2009

Automatic Bagging System for Organic Fertilizer / Pelleted Sewage Sludge

The packing line from Webster Griffin Ltd was designed and supplied on a turnkey basis for Enpure Ltd.  Webster Griffin have been awarded the contract to supply a fully automatic bag filling, bag palletizing and pallet wrapping line, dust extraction/vapour control and filtration is also part of Webster Griffin's scope.  The bag filling line employs the most modern equipment and latest technology including an Okura robot palletizer - which was chosen for its versatility, minimal moving parts and reputation for reliability in inhospitable environments.

The automatic bag packing line is composed of the following 3 main elements:-

i) fertilizer weighing and filling into 25kg bags, bags are picked up from a magazine and automatically applied to the filling spout, after filling bags are closed by sewing
ii) Palletizing, after the full bags have been flattened and shaped for palletizing, an Okura robot palletizer picks up and stacks the bags onto wooden pallets
iii) Wrapping, the loaded pallets are conveyed to an automatic pallet stretch wrapper which also applies and 'wraps-in' a plastic sheet on the top of the load in order to give the palletized stack of bags stability and protect it from dust and rain.

All main elements of the line are connected by conveyors and operate as one integrated fertilizer packing unit.

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