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Case Studies
Ultra Pure Silica

Adwan Chemical Industries is a world leading producer of high quality silica based minerals, with a total of 13 plants (7 in Saudi Arabia, 5 in Algeria and 1 in Syria) Chemicals produced by Adwan are used in a variety of industries including glass, ceramics, paper, textile, paints, pigments and coatings, plastics, water treatment, fracking, adhesives, detergents and pharmaceuticals.

Calcium Carbonate

Faced with growing demand for their high grade Calcium Carbonate "Ultracarb", Minelco Specialities have installed an Okura palletising robot from Webster Griffin.

Okura Robot Palletiser at Minelco
Cement and Minerals

New Technology - delivers cost effective automation - cement, minerals and aggregates packed into plastic sacks

New Form Fill Seal Bagging Machinery
Pet Food

Guintini - Italy’s largest independent pet food producer manufacture their own ‘Crancy’ brand of dry dog, cat and 'Natura Viva' rabbit food.

UP1000 bagging machine
Sand and aggregates

'The fastest sand line in the west'! - report by Mr Jon Boulton, Quarry Manager and Director, Mansfield Sand Company Ltd, summarising the teething problems and benefits the new system has given them.

Form Fill Seal Machine at Mansfield Sand
PE and PP Pellets

Case study prepared by JG Summit Petrochemical Corporation for their Evalink online newsgate regarding the installation of a high speed IBC-PF4 big bag filling machine for polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) pellets.

Silica Sand

New High Performance, Full Automated Bagging Plant with Form Fill Seal and Okura Robot Palletiser for Bathgate Silica Sand Arclid Quarry

Building products and cements

Following the successful installation of our new Okura palletising robot from Webster Griffin together with improvements to the bagging line in powders, Fosroc are now achieving significant increases in output

Acrylic Resin Powder

High Impact Packing at Rohm & Haas Scotland


Cempack - mobile cement packing concept for multi location bagging requirements

Soap Noodles and Stearic Acid

Bagging Project for Palm Oil Producer

Limestone Packing Plant Contract for Limestone Products in Ghana
Limestone Translated in French Installation d’une unite d’ensachage automatique chez Limestone Products au Ghana
Aggregates Twin Bagging Line installed at Tolworth Rail Terminal.  High speed form fill seal bagging of aggregates and two Okura robots ensure high productivity
Sewage Sludge and Compost Webster Griffin have developed many solutions packing sewage sludge, treated effluent, ash and composted green waste into big bags and sacks.
Reference List for Sewage Sludge and Effluent Webster Griffin have supplied over 30 systems in Europe and the Middle East for packing dry and wet sludge, organic fertilizer and composted green waste
Sugar 5 bagging systems

USC had already installed one bulk bagging system in 2001 and turned to Webster Griffin for their new project of two more FIBC lines with an additional two 50kg bagging lines.

Silica Flour

Adwan Chemical Industries Co. Ltd have installed a Webster Griffin IBC-PF4; they have been able to fully exploit two of Saudi Arabia's vast natural resources - one of them being Silica Flour.

Bulk Bag Filling System for Silica Flour
Salt and Corrosive Chemicals

A versatile bagging line for all grades of salt was installed at Peacock Salt in Ayr, Scotland to pack salt into bags ranging from 5-25kg.

Peacock Salt range of Bags filled on the Form Fill Seal machine
Plastic Pellets Resin Chips PET

Webster Griffin installed a big bag filling system at Italpet Pallanza on the shores of Lake Maggiore in Northern Italy for bagging PET chips (Polyethylene Terephthalate) into 800, 1000 and 1200kg four loop big bags.

Italpet Pallanza on the shores of Lake Maggiore in Northern Italy for bagging PET chips (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
Animal Feeds

Liffey Mills, one of Ireland’s largest ruminant animal feed manufacturers, has recently doubled production and installed a turnkey palletising and pallet wrapping system at their mill in Roscrea,Tipperary.

Okura Robot Palletiser at Liffey Mills Ireland
Carbon Black Pearls

As part of an adventurous initiative to boost export sales TDCB, China, embarked upon a modernisation policy including the installation of a start of the art bagging plant from Webster Griffin Ltd.

Bulk Bag Filling System for Carbon Black Pearls
Sugar Tate and Lyle UK

Webster Griffin Ltd have installed a high speed Big Bag (F.I.B.C. - Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) weighing, filling and conveying system at the Tate and Lyle Silvertown refinery.

Webster Griffin Bulk Bag Filler at Tate and Lyle Silvertown
Fish Feed

Ewos Innovation is the world's largest manufacturer of fish food for commercial fish farming.   With feed mills in Norway, Chile, Canada and Scotland, Ewos has a commanding world-wide presence.

High Speed Big Bag Filling System at Ewos Innovation
Pet Food and Cat Litter

Smart Cat® woodbased cat litter is manufactured by WTL International Ltd, based in Macclesfield, Cheshire.   WTL were the first UK company to manufacture a softwood pellet for the cat litter market back in 1985.   Webster Griffin have supplied them with a versatile packing and palletising line.

Bags filled on the WTL UP1000 Bagging System
Polymers and Special Resins Webster Griffin were appointed by the contractor K.Home International to work with engineers from Asahi Glass Fluoropolymers UK and Japan to design and build a Turn Key bagging and Bulk Box packing system for EFTE pellets
Form Fill Seal Powder Packing Automatic Bagging of Cements, Minerals, Fine Powders
Form Fill Seal Bagging Machine for Compost High Speed Bagging & Baling Systems for Composts, Soils and Bark Chips
Automatic Packing Machine for bags and bales Two Machines in One! Automatic packing machine for bags and bales
Reference List for Big Bag Filling Systems

Big Bag Filling - we have the know how.  Webster Griffin's unique 'semi-suspension' bag filling technology which has been patented world-wide and ensures that bulk bags are filled perfectly and stand up straight even when bagging at high speeds.

Cement Packed into Plastic Bags

Recent developments mean that cement, crushed minerals and  fine powdered chemicals, can now be packed into low cost plastic bags.

Wood Fuel Pellets and Energy Pellets