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Building products and cements

Information taken from Fosroc company newsletter ‘Despatch notes: the Fosroc UK & Ireland bulletin, August 2006 Edition’

Powders Improvement
Following the successful installation of our new Okura palletizing robot from Webster Griffin together with improvements to the bagging line in powders, Fosroc are now achieving significant increases in output.

The powders team achieved a record of 58 pallets in one shift (Monday 4th September) and over 50 pallets per shift is now the norm.

Webster Griffins technicians and Fosroc’s Powders Production Team played a key role in delivering the new production levels which will support improved customer service levels.


Okura A1600 palletizing robot, conveyors and control systems installed by Webster Griffin 29th June – 2nd July
- Plant commissioning complete
- Robot operating at 40% design speed
- All pallet types and bag designs set up using OXPA “self teach” system whereby palletizing patterns are selected and down loaded to the Okura robot directly from a lap top – with no need to teach the robot every palletising programme.
- Operator training programme complete at Webster Griffin’s training centre
- Plant performance report drafted and issued
- Bagging machine refurbished to keep up with faster robot

Bagging line production rate increased to >50 pallets per shift
- 3-shift rota reduced to 2-shift operation

The Fosroc team worked closely with Webster Griffin technicians to develop an effective solution. The implementation of the robot and the hard work of the Powders Production Team has set new records in production during the early part of September. The new robot palletiser has dramatically improved performance

We wish to thank Fosroc for granting us permission to re-print and circulate this article

  Project Specification  
Application: High Speed Robot Palletizing System
Client: Fosroc UK Ltd
Product: Plastic bags containing cementitous grout
Bag weight: 20-25kg
Palletising rate: 12-16 bags/minute
System comprising: Bag pick-up conveyors
A1600 Okura robot palletizer
Control system