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Calcium Carbonate

Robot Palletizing System at Minelco Specialities Faced with growing demand for their high grade Calcium Carbonate “Ultracarb”, Minelco Specialities have installed an Okura palletizing robot from Webster Griffin.

John Parry, Site Works Manager, openly admits that he is “impressed” by the reliability and flexibility of the system which has dramatically improved productivity in the one area of the factory where they thought it would be the most difficult to improve efficiency.

Robot Palletizing System for Calcium Carbonate Whilst Minelco’s unique process could keep pace with increased sales volumes there was a bottleneck at the end of the packing line – where space is limited and the need to stack neat square pallets, 24 hours per day, was labour intensive.

Following evaluation of various robots, an Okura A400 series III robot with OXPA “Easy Teach” programming system was selected.  

Webster Griffin’s scope includes interconnecting conveyors with the existing sack filling machine and a long sack flattener to squeeze the bags into a tight block.  The flattened bags are picked up by the special Okura bag hand which assures they are placed precise onto the pallet.  

The solution from Webster Griffin is simple, compact and cost effective.

Okura robot at Minelco John Wallace the Production Manager at Minelco Specialities quickly came to terms with the OXPA “Easy Teach” programming software.  After minimum training from Webster Griffin he found the windows based software supplied with every Okura easy to use.

John has created and implemented new palletizing patterns and optimised existing patterns in order to create symmetrical palletized stacks which he says with pride:- ‘have to be seen to be believed”.

OXPA Easy Teach Software Okura robot palletizing software

OXPA "Easy Teach" Software now Supplied with every Okura Robot

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  Winning Features  
Application: High Speed Robot Palletizing System
Client: Minelco Specialities
Product Packed: High grade Calcium Carbonate 'Ultracarb'
Bag Type: Multi-ply paper valve sacks
Palletising Rate: 350-400 bags/hour
System Comprising: A400 series III Okura robot palletizer
Infeed conveyor with bag flattener
Why Did Minelco Select Webster Griffin
  • Okura robot technology
  • OXPA 'Easy-Teach' system
  • Competitive price