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Carbon Black Pearls

Full Case Study on Tianjin Dolphin Carbon Black Installation:

  TDBC personnel during visit to England to inspect equipment

TDCB personnel during visit to England
to inspect equipment

As part of an adventurous initiative to boost export sales TDCB, China, embarked upon a modernisation policy including the installation of a state of the art bagging plant from Webster Griffin Ltd, UK.

In 1994 TDCB invited tenders for the design and supply of a new sack packing and Jumbo bag filling complex, following two site surveys in China by Webster Griffin and visits to reference plants in the UK by Tianjin Dolphin Carbon Black’s Engineers.  Webster Griffin were awarded the total contract at an official signing ceremony in Tianjin 90 miles outside Beijing.

The new plant is bagging 1-2mm diameter carbon black pearls into microperforated plastic and paper valve sacks and woven polypropylene 800-1000kg ‘Jumbo’ bags – as they are known in Asia.

Apart from the bag filling and palletising machinery Webster Griffin will provide TDCB with drawings for the local manufacture of the two pre-conditioning surge hoppers, supporting steel structures, operators platforms and sack and pallet conveyors.

The Process

Low density carbon black powder settles in the hopper above two Webster Griffin ‘Force Flow’ valve sack filling and weighing machines which inject the powder into the sack, the filled sacks are automatically discharged onto a conveyor and transported to the palletizing system where they are stacked onto wooden pallets before being stretched wrapped.

Tianjin Dolphin Carbon Black chose Webster Griffin because there ‘Force Flow’ packers offered the following features:-

  • Electronic loadcell weighing – programmable for 10-50kg sacks and with P.L.U’s (Product ‘Look Up’s’) for 300 pre-set packing programmes for different product grades, recipes or sack weights

  • Easily adjusted for varying sack lengths

  • Clean operation with gentle automatic filled sack removal

  • Filling nozzle with dust tight rubber inflatable collar

  • Air blast for internal cleaning of the sacks valve.

  • Proven operation in arduous conditions

TDCB also found that the Webster Griffin Jumbo Bag weighing and filling system offered them what they needed with:-

  • High speed one man operation

  • Vibration table to consolidate the powder in the bag during filling

  • Clean operation due to the internal dust collection ducts and inflatable rubber filling nozzle

  • Versatile electronic loadcell weighing system – programmable for 500-1200kg jumbo bags with P.L.U’s (Product ‘Look Up’s’) for 300 pre-set packing programmes for different product grades or bag weights

  • Automatic pallet handling and integral filled bag transport conveyors
    Easily adjusted for bags of different heights (up to 2300mm tall!!)
    General solid construction with a high standard of mechanical and electrical engineering.

Webster Griffin have installed their bagging systems in Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Layout Drawing of System:

Available on request


Project Specification

Application: Complete packing plant for carbon black pearls
Client: Tianjin Dolphin Carbon Black (TDCB), Tianjin, China
Product Packed: Carbon black pearls
Bag Type: Big Bag: four loop woven polypropylene bags Valve sacks: 25kg paper valve sacks
Bagging Rate: Big Bags: 15-20 tonnes/hour
Valve Sacks: 10 tonnes/hour
System Comprising: IBC-PF3 big bag filling machine
Two force flow valve sack filling machines
Check weighing
Semi automatic palletizer
Control system
Why did TDCB select Webster Griffin: Proven track record and technology for packing carbon black into valve sacks and big bags