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Cement Packed into Plastic Bags

Bags of cement filled on a form fill seal bagging machine

Cement, building adhesives, minerals and chemicals can be packed
into 5-25kg bags – on same machine.


Fast, Clean, Automatic

Recent developments mean that cement, crushed minerals and  fine powdered chemicals, can now be packed into low cost plastic bags.

The cost of purchasing & operating Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) bagging equipment from Webster Griffin is less than an automatic bagging machine for pre-made bags or automatic valve sack filling and closing equipment.

Cement, building adhesives, fine ground minerals and powdery chemicals can be bagged into 5kg, 10kg, 25kg bags on the same machine at rates of 6-15 bags/minute.

Bags are made from a roll of flat film which is continuously formed into a tube before being filled with cement - overlapping the back seal and making a 'one way' valve allows air to escape but prevents ingress of water or moisture

Shows the seal on a cement bag made on a form fill seal machine

Seal on a cement bag with a 'one way' valve allows air to escape


 Form Fill seal machine for continuous fuly automatic product of cement

Continuous, fully automatic,
un-interrupted production

Unique Technology – De-aeration andspecial air evacuation systems provide a water & dust proof package which extends the shelf life of your product from 2 to 9 months (or significantly longer).

Our innovative technology ensures that powder never comes into contact with the area of the plastic film which will be welded together.

Reduce your operating costs – bags made by FFS cost less than paper valve sacks, therefore you save money and receive ‘pay back’ on every bag which is filled.

Perfect partners – for maximum productivity FFS is best combined with a robot palletiser which can skip between different bag sizes and palletising patterns.

Contact us and find out why companies such as:- Cemento Cruz Azul, Fiasa, Formigons i Arids, Lafac (Cementos Malland),Calcinor etc have installed form fill seal bagging equipment to fill cement into plastic sacks.

Roll of film for the form fill seal machine

Each 500kg roll of film – will make and fill 4000 x 25kg bags

Okura robot palletiser installed at Fosroc

    We wish to thank Fosroc for granting
us permission to print this photo and their logo