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Cement and Minerals

FFS bagging of tile adhesives - the same machine packs 5 to 25kg bags All Round Savings

Recent developments mean that building products, cements and fine minerals, can be packed automatically into low cost plastic bags.

The cost of purchasing & operating a Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) bagging machine is now far lower than an automatic bagging line for pre-made bags. 


Versatile & fast

25kg bags of calcium carbonate packed on the form fill seal machine The new range of Form-Fill-Seal machines from Webster Griffin can pack mortar mixes, renders, screeds, fine ground minerals into 25kg bags at the rate of 6-8 bags per minute and aggregates@20 bags per minute.

Perfect partners - for maximum productivity FFS is best combined with an Okura robot palletiser which can skip between bag sizes and palletizing patterns Automatic and Dust Free

Form-Fill-Seal offers total automation, with no need to have an operator in attendance.

FFS is dust free (now days a serious consideration when packing fine, powders) and very compact.

Users also find that bags made on the FFS costs half as much as paper valve sacks.

Unique Technology

The special powder de-aeration and air evacuation systems combined with a range of plastic films from Rosenlew provide a water & dust proof package which extends the shelf life of building product from 2 to 9 months (or significantly longer).

 The unique filling technique also makes sure that statically charged powder never comes into contact with the area of the plastic film which will be welded together.

Universal Air Packer for Valve Sack Filling

Low Cost

Apart from costing 65% less than a fully automatic valve sack filling station with auto sack placer and ultrasonic valve sealing system, Form-Fill-Seal is more compact, dust free and accurate.

Simple Operation

Form Fill Seal Bagging Machine for Sand and AggregatesThe FFS machine un-winds plastic film from a flat roll and forms it into a tube which is then made into a bag before being filled with the de-aerated powder, while the top of the bag is being sealed, the bottom of the next bag is being made.

Flexible Automation

By changing the bag forming tube, FFS machine can also pack 5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg and 20kg bags - the small 5 & 10kg bags can also be made with handles and/ or a block bottom so that they stand up on the shelf for better 'point of sale' display in DIY stores.

CV3025 for bagging of sand & aggregates - the same machine packs bark chips and compostThe FFS for powders is a development of the CV 3025 –aggregate bagging machine which can pack 10 to 40kg bags at very high speeds.

‘Two’ into ‘one’ will go! - the same unit can pack aggregates as well as powders

When combined with two different product dosing devices: - one for fine powders and another for sand and aggregates, FFS provides a dual purpose machine which replaces the function of 2 or 3, slower, conventional bagging lines.

Loss in weight doser for fine powders and cements

Volumetric doser

Loss-in-weight doser
for fine powders & cements

High speed volumetric doser
for wet sand, ballast, pebbles
& rock salt

For more information on how we can help you increase productivity without spending a fortune, please call Webster Griffin sales department on 01892 664250.