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  Cempack - mobile cement packing system for Nigeria  

Diagram of four spout Impeller Packer housed within the Cempack container Webster Griffin has introduced Cempack a new cement bagging concept which is built into two containers and which provides easy mobility in port and dock areas and processing plants for cement and cement related products.

This new system has a number of applications, for example, port operators can keep the equipment packed out of the way in its containers until needed to load, unload or tranship a cargo of cement.  It is also extremely useful in remote factory sites as it can be easily transported via road or rail and requires no expensive on-site construction or assembly.

This modular system can be installed and operated by an unskilled local workforce and is a completely self contained cement packing production line with a maximum output of 60 tonnes/hour.  Comprising two containers which, when operational, are fitted one above the other,  The upper container contains the buffer hopper holding the material being packed,  This is fed to the high-speed. four-spout impeller packer in the container below.  If required, a mechanical screening feeding system can be included to remove lumps or oversize particles.

The Webster Griffin Impeller packer at the heart of the unit automatically weighs and fills cement or related products like Kaolin, hydrated lime, gypsum, chalk, chemicals, pigments and pulverised flyash (PFA) into 10-50kg self closing valve sacks.  It will even pack cement and slag mixes and also allows for easy switching from packing one product to another.

The Cempack includes an inboard air compressor, dust collector and, if needed, an electric diesel generator.

Outside of Cempack mobile cement packing station Inside Cempack mobile cement packing station The system is compact and robust designed to be reliable in harsh environments, from the tropics to Siberia by unskilled operators.  Typically the system requires two operators together with around two to three men for loading filled sacks on trucks at the end of the truck lading conveyor which can be provided by Webster Griffin.  Special versions are available for different climatic conditions, from Siberia to the tropics.

When in use,  the sides of the container flap opens in halves with the bottom forming a platform and the top a shaded awning.  The lockable container also provides a high level of security when the system is not being used.

Apart from Cempack, Webster Griffin also manufacture less expensive static cement packing stations and 'Monoblock' systems which can be built up in modules and moved to a new bagging location by crane, fork lift truck or lorry.

Webster Griffin, based in Crowborough, East Sussex is a specialist in bag filling machinery for headed cements and crushed rock products.  They will handle all aspects of the packing installations on a turnkey basis, including all hardware and software, installations and on-site commissioning.


Feeding chutes into Cempack cement packing station