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Fish Feed

Full Case Study on Ewos Installation:

Overhead view of big bag filling system at Ewos

Overhead view of big bag filling system at Ewos


Ewos Innovation is the world’s largest manufacturer of fish food for commercial fish farming. With feed mills in Norway, Chile, Canada and Scotland,   Ewos has a commanding world-wide presence.

Ewos developed and produced the world’s first dry feed for salmon and trout fry and the first salmonid feed that is seasonally adjusted for both temperature and day length.

Because demand for aquatic feeds in big bags, based in West Lothian, Scotland, Ewos turned to Webster Griffin for a solution to their packaging machinery requirements.

Commercial fish farming requires feed to be packaged in Big Bags and the Webster Griffin solution had to cope with an hourly throughput of 20-25 x 1000kg or 30-35 x 500kg bags. Such a packing rate calls for measures to avoid bag rupture and compaction of the feed to ensure stability of full bags.

Pelleted Salmon Feed at Ewos
Pelleted Salmon Feed at Ewos

A Flexible Solution

The Webster Griffin weigh-fill station is designed to fill single loop bags of three sizes.  The solution also takes into account the need for flexibility and the reduction of product wastage.

The Webster Griffin system features self-adjustment for the differing bag sizes, integrated check weighing of filled bags and printing of an identification ticket or ‘passport’ for each bag which is popped into a pocket on the bag.

The machine configuration is compact, designed to fit neatly into the corner of the building.  An empty pallet is dispensed from the magazine and conveyed to the filling station.

Easy to Operate

An operator slides the bag neck onto the filling spout and presses ‘Start’ – to ensure it is completely opened up before filling commences the bag is simultaneously raised and inflated.   Inflating the bag reduces the risk of the inner bag rupturing during filling.   The two stage ‘coarse’ and ‘dribble’ product feed valve is opened and feed dispensed into the bag.

To allow for the high degree of accuracy Ewos demand in the weighing process, a self optimising digital weighing controller was used.

During the filling cycle, a grid on a vibrating platform positioned underneath the bag at the filling station is raised up, lifting the bag off the weighing system, and consolidates the product in the bag.

The full bag is discharged to the downstream conveyors where the neck is tied up and the identification ticket is applied before it is removed by forklift.

Empty Pallet Dispenser   Full Bags Ready for Despatch

Empty pallet dispenser


Full bags ready for dispatch

Increased productivity

Since starting to use the Webster Griffin installation, Ewos have found that productivity has increased and, whilst no jobs were lost, there has been a considerable time saving. This has allowed previously hard-pressed staff more opportunity to accomplish other vital production tasks.


 Click here to see a movie of the big bag filling system in operation 

Layout Drawing of System:

Layout Drawing of Bulk Bag Filling System at Ewos


Project Specification

Application: High speed big bag filling system
Client: Ewos Innovations, West Lothian, Scotland
Product Packed: Pelleted Salmon Feed
Bag Type: Single loop bag with spouted inner liner
Bagging Rate: 25 x 1000kg bags/hour
35 x 500kg bags/hour
System Comprising: IBC-PF4 big bag weigh-fill station
  • Auto bag size/weight adjustment
  • Ticket printer

Empty pallet magazine
Pallet conveyors
Operators platform
Control system

Why did Ewos Select Webster Griffin: Ewos need an integrated system which could handle single loop bags, of different sizes and weights.  
Check weigh each bag and print an identification ticket which is placed in a pocket on the bag.
Short delivery required - Webster Griffin had experience having supplied over 100 similar installations world-wide