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PE and PP Pellets

Why Did JG Summit Select Webster Griffin:

After much research JG Summit High Speed IBC-PF4 big bag filling systemchose Webster Griffin among the many suppliers that offered project proposals.   JG Summit found that the Webster Griffin machinery is well proven for handling plastic reins and its heavy-duty construction is designed to give a reliable 24 hour daily operation.

Full Case Study on JG Summit Installation:

Press Release Written by Joie Mara for Evalink online, the on-line newsletter of JG Summit Petrochemical Corporation.

The "Big Bag Theory"

Have you heard of the Big Bag Theory? Well, it is not about the formation of the universe; rather it is about the utilisation of bigger packaging. EvaleneÒ has added the Big Bag just as JGSPC grows. EvaleneÒ, in its long list of product breakthroughs, has come forth with its "big baby"... the Big Bag!

Webster Griffin - well proven patented system
The Big Bag Project was launched in January 2001. This project was spearheaded by Process Engineering Department, supported by members from Maintenance, Control Systems, Purchasing, Logistics and Packaging Departments. The team chose Webster-Griffin of England among the many suppliers that offered project proposals. Webster-Griffin machinery is well proven for handling plastic resins and its heavy-duty construction is designed to give a reliable 24-hour daily operation.

Packaging Area underwent several modifications that started in October 2001. The Big Bag Filling Machine was finally installed in December 2001 and commissioned in January 2002. The commissioning was supervised by Kirk Hubble, an engineer from Webster-Griffin.

Jumbo Bag = 960 ton/day

Standard Pallet Magazine Big Bag Filling System for Plastic Pellets

The newly installed Big Bag Filling Machine can pack an average of 40 bags in an hour (45-50 bags/hour maximum). The weight of the bag can be adjusted from 500 kg to 1000 kg (1 ton). The machine can pack either polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) pellets. To prevent contamination of products with metals, a metal detector was installed.

Minimal Contamination

Installation of Webster Griffin high speed big bag filling machineSince January, JGSPC has been packing film-grade products using 750-kg Big Bags. PP woven bags with PE liner are used for stronger and contamination-resistant packaging. Other grades in Big Bag will soon be available in the market. However, EvaleneÒ products in 25-kg bags will still be available.

Big Bag versus 25kg bags

Big Bags have significant advantages over the 25-kg bags. Big Bags are easier to handle, transport and store, leading to a direct reduction in labour. A number of people are employed to cut and unload the 25-kg bags. No cutting is done to unload product from a big bag, and only one person is needed for unloading. The unloading rate is also quicker compared with 25-kg bags.

No Wastage with Big Bags

Plastic scraps from the 25-kg bags are eliminated when using big bags since PP woven bags are reusable. Product wastage is reduced as all the pellets are emptied out of the big bag as compared to the 25-kg bag where some pellets remain. Also reduced is the risk of contamination due to dust going to the open pellet hopper and due to cut portions of the 25-kg bags.

These benefits are currently being enjoyed by Universal Robina Corporation – Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene Plant (URC-BOPP), our first Big Bag customer. And many more customers, here and abroad, would benefit from this new product packaging. 

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  Project Specification  
Application: High Speed Big Bag Filling System
Client: JG Summit Petrochemical Company, Philippines
Product Packed: Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) Pellets
Bag Type: Woven polypropylene four loop FIBC with top filling spout, and PE inner liner
Bagging Rate: 45 x 1000kg bags/hour
Bag Weight: 500kg, 750kg and 1000kg programmable
Operation 24 hours/day
System Comprising: