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Pet Food
Guintini's factory and HQ in Italy Crancy packed to perfection by Umbra Packaging

Guintini's factory and HQ in Italy

Crancy "packed to perfection" by Umbra Packaging

Guintini - Italy’s largest independent pet food producer manufacture their own ‘Crancy’ brand of dry dog, cat and 'Natura Viva' rabbit food.

They also produce for a multitude of supermarkets across the country. Guintini now operate 3 Umbra UP1000 packing machines.

A proto type of the first UP-1000 packing machine was purchased back in 1996 by Guintini, now in 2006 there are over 100 machines from Umbra Packaging Srl packing per food across Europe.

The Umbra Packaging UP-1000 is an automatic bagging machine  for packing dry and moist pet food into bags from 2kg – 25kg at speeds of 600-1400 bags/hour.

UP-1000 open mouth bagging system The Umbra machine is unique – employing a patented method of bag handling which means it can ‘self adjust’ for different bag weights and sizes at the press of a button – without loss of down time or needing to change any parts.

Built to food industry standards it is quick and easy to clean between different product runs or batches.

It can also pack pillow and gusseted bags – needing absolutely no adjustment when changing from one bag type to another.

The gussets are always held in place, therefore the bags can be sealed reliably and the presentation of packed bags is – according to Paolo Piccini ‘perfect every time’.

The Umbra Packaging machines have the added advantage of being able to 'gas flush' and pack foil laminated barrier bags – to increase the shelf life of preservative free foods and mixes. UPR800 Bag Palletising Machine UP1000 fully automatic bagging system being loeaded with bags

Two of the three Umbra lines at Guintini

Umbra Bag Palletiser

The UP-1000 is also fast, so Guintini found that they were able to double production and replaced two existing packing and palletising lines – releasing the space for two more Umbra machines in 2001 and 2004, which helped them meet demand for greater volumes with an even wider range of pack styles and types.

The UPR-800 palletiser with robot hand is highly flexible - suitable for all bag sizes and types from 2kg to 50kg - easy to add new palletising programmes - bags can be overlapped to make a perfectly square stack.

Pleasing to the pallet, Umbra's UPR-800 palletiser for 'crancy'

Rabbit food packed on the UP1000 fully automatic bagging system In order to meet clients demands for small batch runs on a quick delivery and to minimise warehouse storage they run two of the UP-1000's 24 hours per day.

Bags Packed on UP-1000 automatic bagging machine With customer specific batches running one after the other, easy cleaning and the ability to switch to different bag formats is paramount to guintini.

Guintini’s recipe for success?

being able to give their customers’ exactly what they want – when they want it - in any type, weight or size of bag.

  Project Specification  
Application: High Speed Open Mouth Bagging System
Client: Guintini Italy
Product Packed: Crancy brand of dry dog, cat and rabbit food
Bag Type: Pillow and gusseted bags
Bagging Rate: 600-1400 bags/hour
System Comprising: Three x UP-1000 open mouth bagging lines
1 x UPR-800 bag palletizer
2 x Unitech 200 AE pallet stretch wrappers
Why Did Guintini Select Umbra Packaging
  • The UP-1000 is fast and doubled production
  • Easy cleaning and the ability to switch from one bag format to another
  • Ability to give their customers what they want, any bag type, weight or size
  • Ability to handle gusseted and pillow bags on the same machine
  • Umbra new generation bag top welding/sealing unit for laminated gusseted bags