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With over 100 packing lines installed in Europe since 2000, We are committed to satisfying the ever changing demands from producers of petfood and cat litter.

Being receptive to customer needs and continually innovating has been the key to our success.

In order to consolidate our position as leaders in the field of packaging solutions for dry and moist pet foods Webster Griffin and Umbra Packaging have set up a dedicated department for the production and development of pet food bagging lines.

Our range of packaging equipment has evolved from the original UP1000 "self adjusting" bag packing machine to the high speed UPD-EVO and more recently the new generation of UPS Evo Mini - specially developed to suit clients who require high speed production of Doy packs and re-sealable pouches from 300g to 3kg.


All our packaging machines are highly flexible, they are able to work with a multitude of different bag types of different dimensions and weights - auto "changeover" is a standard feature of all lines.  Our method of handling the empty bags and automatic bag sealing technology are unique.








UPS Evo Mini
Small bags and pouches 300g to 5kg, 2000 bags/hour

Small and medium bags 1.5kg to 30kg, 1000 bags/hour

Small and medium bags 1.5kg to 30kg, 2000 bags/hour

Ancillary equipment:- Bag Collating, bundle shrink wrapping, palletising