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Salt and Corrosive Chemicals

From Bulk to Bag – Versatile Packing Line Brings Rewards for Peacock Salt

Bad weather mustn’t stop the salt from getting through.

Peacock Salt bags filled and sealed on the Form Fill Seal bagging machine Established in 1874, and entering the winter maintenance market in 1948, Peacock Salt is one of the UK’s longest established suppliers of de-icing salt, their annual supply tops 350,000 tonnes.

Of paramount importance is the reliability of their supply chain - ensuring that local authorities and maintenance contactors can keep the roads open and safe during the harsh Scottish winters. With this goal in mind Peacock recently invested in a state-of-the-art depot in the Port Ayr, Scotland, including a wharf with ship unloading facilities covered stock pile facility, warehouse, modern versatile packing line and customer call centre.

Gregory Marshall, Assistant Managing Director, comments that the summers can be quiet but as the days get shorter and the temperature drops, Peacock receive over 200 calls per day – taking orders for anything from 100 tonnes to a single 5kg bag.

Peacock Salt Logo 125 years of Experience

 Peacock have traded in salt for more than 125 years, offering rock, sea and manufactured salt from around the world.

Peacock are committed to serving their customers needs, they have built a robust logistics network which has proven to be a match for the worst of the British winters. They also believe that their survival is based on being able to deliver the salt to the customer in the quantity or package he specifies – bulk tanker, big bag or sacks from 1.5 kg to 25 kg.

From Bulk to Bag

Unloading salt from bulk carriers at the Port of Ayr The salt is shipped from Mediterranean suppliers in ocean-going bulk carriers and unloaded at the Port of Ayr. Different grades of salt are stock piled in Peacocks purpose built warehouse adjacent to the new high-speed Webster Griffin Packing and Palletising Line. Dumper trucks load the salt into a stainless steel lined pit from where it is extracted and conveyed into the hopper above the bagging machine.

Packed with Performance

The new packing system was selected for ease of maintenance, reliability and flexibility.




Okura robot palletising system at Peacock Salt Peacock pack different grades of salt into:- 5 and 10 kg bags with handles, 15 kg and 25 kg bags. The line packs at a rate of 900 bags per hour for 2 shifts per day during the winter months and one shift per day in the spring and summer.

The line is overseen by Jim Laid, the fork lift truck driver who ensures that the stretch wrapper does not run out of film, removes wrapped pallets from the end of the line and loads them onto waiting transport.

 Improved Productivity

The old semi-automatic line at Peacock Salt’s Glasgow depot required three, sometimes four operators. The new line is operated solely by Jim Laird. Jim received training from David Shell, Webster Griffins’s Project Commissioning Engineer. David Shell was responsible for the factory testing, on site installation, setting up and fine tuning of the line.

 Jim enjoys the responsibility and in turn has been able to train other operators.

 Okura robot palletizer palletizing bags filled on a form fill seal bagging machineAutomation Right Down the Line

Two NWG-E high speed electronic scales alternately weigh and discharge the nominated charge of salt into the filling tube of the bagging machine. The bag is formed, filled and then sealed on a CV2080 bagging machine. The CV2080 is a ‘vertical or ‘ flat film ‘ Form Fill Seal (FFS ) machine it packs continuously making and filling bags from a reel of flat printed film which it forms into a tube - when sealing the top of the first bag the bottom of the next bag is made.

Peacock chose this concept because, apart from being flexible, it has far fewer moving parts than a machine that formed and filled bags from a tubular roll of film.

The CV 2080 vertircal FFS bagger has few moving parts which means minimal exposure to the corrosive effect of salt, this results in less wear and tear, reducing down-time and time lost on maintenance and cleaning.

An Okura A1600 Robot Palletizer has proven to be perfect for this application, equipped with Okura's OXPA ‘Easy Teach’ programming system the robot can be programmed by Peacock Salt for new bag sizes and palletizing patterns. With memory for 127 different programs, Peacock save every new program that they load onto the machine so that it can be called up at the press of a button when needed. Loaded pallets are automatically wrapped with stretch film ,during wrapping a plastic sheet is cut to size and placed on the top of the stack - providing a water proof package. Wrapping the pallet gives them stability and provides water proof protection, ensuring that the bags arrive at the customer clean and dry.

Technology Brings Benefits

It is impressive how Peacocks Salt have embraced the latest technology which has more than lived up to their expectations. Integrated command of the whole packing line is provided by the parent controller which is in constant communication with every device in the system.

A colour touch screen provides a graphic display of the line ,making it easy for the operator to identify and interrogate the reason for a stoppage or alarm signal . The parent controller ensures that each item of equipment in the line operates as one co-ordinated unit – individual machines are equipped with their own dedicated control screens , used when setting up the machine for new products, bag sizes, bag weights and film types. For example, the bagging machine has its own touch screen control panel which is used for indepth fault finding, and even reminds the operator when routine maintenance is due.

 Speed and Flexibility Boosts Business

Form Fill Seal Bagging Machine from Webster Griffin  Versatility combined with a high packing rate means that it is now cost effective for Peacock Salt to pack small, specialised batch runs as well as long production runs. On a conventional automatic bagging line changing from one bag size to the other could take one or two hours . With the Webster line switching to a different product is instantaneous and from a 5 kg to a 25 kg bag takes 20 minutes - enabling Peacock to meet changes in customers demands swiftly. Another benefit is that without the new robot bagging line, Peacock Salt would need to double or quadruple the amount of pre-packed salt held in stock in order to be able to satisfy customers order promptly.

For more information please contact Mark Wilson at Webster Griffin on 01892 664250, www.webstergriffin.com or Gregory Marshall at Peacock Salt on 01292 292000, www.peacocksalt.co.uk

 Movie: installation at Peacock Salt


Project Specification


Application: Versatile packing line for salt and corrosive chemicals

Client: Peacock Salt, Ayr, Scotland

Product to be packed: Salt and corrosive chemicals

Bag type:Plastic - made and filled from roll of printed flat film          

  • Gusseted and non gusseted bags
  • 5-10kg bags, handles made by machine
  • 15, 20, 25kg bags - pillow or gusset

Bagging Rate:

  • Pillow bags: 900 bags / hour
  • Gusset bags: 650-700 x 25kg bags/ hour

System compromising of:

Why did Peacock Salt select Webster Griffin:

  1. Economical - the new high speed bagging line does not require constant attention, it is overseen by the Fork Lift truck driver from the warehouse (the original semi-automatic bagging line required 3/4 operators).
  2. Efficiency - minimal downtime is lost between product and bag size change overs with the new line.
  3. Versatility - weighers, bagging machine, robot and pallet wrapper are pre-programmed for different bag sizes, palletizing patterns & pallet sizes, therefore Peacock can respond to customers orders immediately.
  4. Minimal warehouse space - because the line is versatile, Peacock is able to pack on demand, therefore they hold low stock levels and save warehouse space.
  5. Suitability for purpose - corrosive resistant design with minimal moving parts requiring minimal maintenance and routine cleaning - such as the vertical FFS bagging machine & robot palletizer.
  6. Corrosive resistant construction - stainless steel product contact parts, nuts & bolts, conveyor or rollers, anti-corrosion epoxy paint finish, exclusion of brass and aluminium parts, IP65 electrics and cabling (splash and dust proof).