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Silica Flour

Adwan Chemical Industries Co Ltd Factory, Riyadh Adwan Chemical Industries Co. Ltd (ACIC) belongs to the Adwan group of companies within the inorganic chemicals manufacturing complex based in the second industrial city, Riyadh.

ACIC fully exploits two of Saudi Arabia's vast natural resources: oil energy and high quality white silica sand to produce various grades of industrial silica sand, silica flour and silicates.

Adwan produce silica sand in four different grades for use in:-Glazing inceramic industry,Cementing in oil wells,Filler in paint industries,Powder coats and marine paints,Filler for plastics and fibre optics,Construction chemicals.

By installing a new bulk bag packing line, not only have ACIC been able to make the most of these natural resources, but have emerged as a reputed supplier of inorganic chemicals in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

IBC-PF4 Bulk Bag Filling Machine This order was placed after Adwan Industries high speed bulk bag filling system for silica flour had been a success using a Webster Griffin IBC-PF3 Bulk Bag filling machine. This had been used since 1993 for packing silica sand and sodium sulphate glass. An order was also placed for a Webster Griffin Universal Air Packer for silica sand, packing at a rate of 2-3 bags / minute on  14 - 50kg valve sacks.

The machine installed was a Webster Griffin IBC-PF4 bulk bag filling machine complete with vibration table to consolidate the powder - this was needed as the flour is free flowing; empty pallet magazine to stack the pallets; accumulating conveyors for 5 stacked pallets and a control panel.

Bulk Bag Filling Station PE coated woven polypropylene bags with four support loops and central filling spout are used to fill 15 - 16 x 1000kg bulk bags / hour. The product is weighed using an Avery Berkel weighing system to weigh and fill fine, free flowing product into the bags - this product comes from Adwan's storage silo via a single screw feeder conveyor and slide valve supplied by Webster Griffin.

The platform based filling machine is raised  to ensure that the sides of the bag loops and spout are kept in tension during the filling cycle. The carriage is lowered at the end of the filling cycle to release the tension on the bag loops enabling the filled bag to be discharged from the machine; the carriage is then raised allowing the filled bags to exit the machine.

The bags are finally conveyed to a warehouse where they are stacked and ready for transportation, throughout Saudi Arabia and abroad.


Project Specification


Application: Bulk Bag Packing line for silica sand and flour

Client: Adwan Chemical Industries Co; Saudi Arabia

Product to be packed: Various grades of silica sand and flour

Bag type:  PE coated woven polypropalene with four support loops and central filling spout

Bagging Rate:15-16 x 1000kg Bulk Bags per hour

System compromising of:

Why did ACIC select Webster Griffin:

The order was placed after ACIC had been sucessfully using a  Webster Griffin IBC-PF3 bulk bag filling system for silica flour which was bought back in 1993.