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Silica Sand

News item written by John Hughes of Bathgate Silica Sand regarding the new Form Fill Seal bagging system installed by Webster Griffin

Velocity FFS 25 form fill seal bagging line feeding bags to the Okura A1600 robot palletier With the ever increasing rise in fuel costs and all of the environmental issues surrounding “carbon footprint” we made the decision to replace our old bagging plant at Congleton with a “state of the art” plant on our own site at Arclid, Cheshire. This move allows us to bag our products on-site without the need for transportation to Congleton, thus considerably reducing our carbon footprint.

Bags filled on the new form fill seal line Our new “form fill and seal” bagging system allows us to fill 10kg or 25kg bags at the rate of 1000 bags an hour.  We can also accommodate 1 and 2 tonne bulk bags.

This high performance from our plant means product supply to you or your customer is made quickly and efficiently, significantly reducing the risk of losing business through delays..

Bathgate Silica Sand produces and distributes the highest quality bagged and loose silica sand, root zone and top dressing mixes for the industrial, leisure, and equestrian markets.

Bathgate Silica Sand building housing the new form fill seal line We combine nearly 60 years of experience with specifically refined procedures to guarantee products that suit a broad range of market demands. 

If you would like to know more or would like to receive a quotation please contact our sales team on the following numbers,  Tel: 01270 762828 or Fax: 01270 759449 or visit our website http://www.bathgatesilica.co.uk/

  Project Specification  
Application: Versatile form fill seal bagging line for sand
Client: Bathgate Silica Sand Ltd
Product to be Packed: Kiln dried sand, top dressing, grits, moist sand, wet sand
Film Type: LDPE – 90-120 micron thickness plastic
Small Bag Weight: 10kg, 20kg, 25kg
Big Bags: 500kg to 1500kg
Bag Type: Gussetted or pillow bags made from same roll of flat film by form fill seal machine
Bagging Rate: 1000 bags/hour
System Comprising: