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Sugar 5 bagging systems

United Sugar Company Factory, Jeddah United Sugar Company, Jeddah, is reinforcing its status as the worlds most advanced sugar refinery, packing all grades of coarse and fine granulated sugar into 50kg bags to 25 tonne tankers.


Owned by Saudi- based Savola group, the plant in Jeddah was the Kingdoms first sugar refinery, with the capacity to increase towards 1 million tonnes per year, thBig bag filling machine for sugar model IBC-PF2ey turned to Webster Griffin for help in meeting their home demand. After successfully installing one bulk bag filling system in 2001, United Sugar Company (USC) ordered two more FIBC filling systems and two additional 50kg bagging lines.


The main bulk bag filling systems fill four-loop PE coated big bags to an established throughput of 45-60 x 1000kg bags per hour. The system compromises of two IBC-PF2 big bag filling systems, along with product dosing valve, bag inflation system, belt conveyors and operators platform.

On these lines, the empty bag is raised during inflation, the filling spout and sides of the bag are held in tension during the complete weigh-fill cycle in order to ensure that filled bags have straight sides and are filled without kinks so that they are stable when they are stacked.

Filled Big Bags being transported by lorry The filling spout on the IBC-PF2 machine was supplied with pneumatically operated flaps which close at the end of the filling cycle to prevent any residual product from dropping onto the top of the container as it is removed from the filling position - resulting in a clean, secure bag which is essential in a warm climate.


Stacks of 50kg bags The two 50kg bagging lines pack two different grades of sugar in to 50kg bags.


Fine grain white sugar branded as 'Saudi Sugar' is packed and sold to beverage, confectionary and ice cream manufacturers, where as the coarse grain white sugar is sold for consumers daily use.

A heavy duty powered belt conveyor receives the filled bags from the filling spout on the packing machine and supports them whilst they are manually stretched and fed through the bag top stitcher.


Small bag filling system for sugar After the bags are sealed, they are turned and laid down flat so they  can be fed onto the automatic check weigher - when an under or over-weight bag is detected the weighing belt will stop and an audiable alarm will sound. The operator will then have to remove the bag and restart the system.

Four years since the first machine was installed, USC is truly established, operating to world class standards and applying their newly aquired knowledge and expertise. By installing a new packing line not only have USC been able to make the most of their natural resource; but have emerged as a reputed supplier in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

After Webster Griffin had installed and commissioned the filling machines the production capacity increased to an impressive 805,000 tonnes per annum - nearly double the amount produced in 1998.


Project Specification


Application: Packing line for sugar

Client: USC - United Sugar Company in Jeddah

Product to be packed: Fine and coarse grain sugar

Bag type:   4 loop PE bags

Bagging Rate: 45-60 x 1000kg bags / hour

System compromising of:

  • 3 x IBC-PF2 big bag filling systems, 1st machine 2001, 2nd two machines 2003
  • 2 x Bagging lines for 25-50kg bags 2003

Why did USC select Webster Griffin:

USC had already installed one bulk bagging system in 2001 and turned to Webster Griffin for their new project of two more FIBC lines with an additional two high speed bagging lines for 50kg bags/sacks.