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Bagging Scales

This range of machines is adapted to suit each customers’ special requirements by adding standard options. A low cost version is available with a simple, mechanical weighing system.


• 200 bags per hour
• 600 bags per hour

Giving you:

A self contained bagging system with a manual bag clamp which requires low head room. It is suitable for bag weights ranging from 5 to 50kg for packing open mouth plastic, paper or woven polypropylene (rafia) bags.

It has either a 5:1 ratio weigh beam or programmable electronic weighing device with a range of feeding methods to suit your product. The robust construction means that it is simple to maintain and can be integrated with a bag closing line. We also produce a special version for valve sacks, where light, powdery products are to be packed. Second hand machines are often available on request.

 Ideal for packing:

• Food stuff - Oat flakes, Flour, bran, soya, seeds, peanuts (shelled), cashew nuts, lentils
• Animal feeds
• Chemicals
• Plastic/resins
• Ground minerals
• Sugar
• Salt (table and rock)
• Fertilizers
• Resins chips, plastic pellets
• Grains – wheat, maize, barley
• Beans
• Coffee, cocoa
• Fish meal

Match your production rates to bagging speed by using our calculation table.

Standard Options:

• Programmable, electronic load cell weighing with automatic control of product feed device
• Digital weighing controller 165V
• Stainless steel product contact parts
• Total stainless steel construction
• Bag top closing: - Sewing/ Heat sealing/ Trim, fold and sew, trim, over tape/ Trim, sew and seal with adhesive tape/ Trim, heat seal, sew and over tape or over tape and sew / Pinch top (fold over reactivate glue)
• Support frame for net weigher(s)
• Housed in monoblock frame mounted on wheels
• In-line check weighing
• In-line metal detector
• Automation: - Bag placer/ Bag top stretching and closing/ Bag turners/ Bag handling conveyors
• Semi-auto palletiser
• Semi-auto palletising–vacuum lifter
• Automatic palletising
• Automatic pallet wrapping
• Truck and rail wagon loading conveyors
• Mobile units

Gravity Catch Gate/Shutter Dosing

For free flowing granular and crystalline products which do not bridge - Plastic resins, fertilizers, granulated sugar, table salt, rice, grain, beans, nuts lentils, wax beads, sulphur pastilles

Screw dosing (single or double screw)

• For non free flowing powdery, fine grained products

- Farinaceous products – flour, chemicals,  ground minerals, food ingredients
- Single or twin screw depending upon product characteristics and throughput

Belt dosing – Two speed

• For mealy products, lumpy products and aggregates, non sticky, non free flowing materials

• Feed mills, feed pellets, briquettes, extruded pet food, flakes, aggregate, stone chips, damp sand, rock salt, blended feed

Gravity weigh scale