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Auto Baling Machines

Versatile Automation - any size of bale or bag from the same machine

Dual purpose bagging and baling system for softwood shavings,  sawdust, animal bedding, horse feed, chopped grass, straw, silage, haylage, alfa alfa, mare, foal and hoof feeds, compost and soils.

The CV3125 is a Form Fill Seal machine for packing products into bags and bales.  The same machine will compress and pack bales from 5kg to 25kg, as well as 10 to 80 litre bags of loose product   It includes an integral hydraulic bale former providing up to 4:1 compression for large bales and up to 8:1 for small bales.

This is a fully automatic versatile machine which can compress material into bales from 5 to 25kg, the same unit is easily adapted to fill bags from 10 to 80 litres (5 to 50kg).

  • Bales : 5-25kg
  • Bag Sizes : 10-80 litre (5kg to 50kg)
  • Bagging Rate : 15-30/minute
  • Baling Throughput : 3-8 compressed bales/minute
  • Changeover time : 15-20 minutes for different bale / bag sizes
  • Uninterrupted running time between film reel changes : 6-15 hours
  • Weight of plastic film reel = 500kg, changeover time 5-10 min


 Two machines in one!


 CV3125 dual purchase machine for packing bags and bales Dual Purpose Packing Machine

CV3125 Automatically forms and fills anysize of bag or bale





              Auto Bagging                                                                                                                              Auto Baling

Continuous Production - The CV3125 is a vertical Form Fill Seal (FFS) machine, it unwinds plastic film from a flat roll and forms it into a tube which is then made into a bag before being filled from the top with product.  The top of the filled bale is sealed as the bottom of the next bag/bale is made.

Turnkey Systems - The CV3125 is supplied individually or as part of a fully automatic packing and palletising line.



  Winning Features  


All our bale making and bag filling machines include:-

  • Vertical compression technology makes square shaped bales without bowing or bulging - ideal for palletising
  • Integrated electronic product dosing or weighing unit which is re-programmable for different filled bag volumes and bale weights
  • Touch screen control panel with 7.7" colour screen, which is easily mastered and can be set up with 44 different packing programmes
  • Simple menu driven operator controls, providing production information, alarms and fault finding
  • Heavy duty steel frame construction, with film unwinding system (bales are made from a 600-1200mm wide reel of flat film up to 500mm diameter and 500kg in weight).
  • Hydraulically powered ram with platen and interchangeable rectangular compression chamber(s) to suit required bale dimension(s).
  • Bag/Bale making assembly (the flat film is converted into a tube which is then filled with compressed product and sealed inside a bag/bale). The plastic film is welded together by positive microprocessor controlled "heat - weld - pressure" technology.
  • Filled bags/bales are fed out of the machine on a belt conveyor

Optional devices:-

  • Bag coding (information and bar code)
  • Bag printing - directly onto the plastic film sheet before bagging/baling
  • Film reel loading crane
  • Handle making (small bags and small bales only)
  • Extra forming tubes for different bag/bale sizes
  • Outfeed conveyors with bag flattener
  • Palletising and pallet wrapping systems