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Bale Palletizing Systems

Palletizing bales is easy with an Okura robot palletizer - it is so advanced that the operator only needs indicate which pattern is required and the robot does the rest - it can even palletize bags / cartons / bales simultaneously.

It is a heavy duty and articulated robot that includes:-

  • Sealed for life bearings
  • Absolute encoder controlled DC motors
  • User friendly control panel with VDU screen with operating display, prompts and fault identification display etc.
  • One control system with teach box and pendant memory for 127 different palletizing programmes / patterns
  • Transformer

It needs two loading pallet positions on the floor, including two empty pallet alignment frames with pallet presence detectors to ensure that a pallet is in the correct position before it is loaded by the robot. It also comes as standard with fence guarding which is composed of wire mesh panels.

You also have the OXPA 'Easy-teach' system on the control panel which allows you to indicate which pattern you require the bales to be palletized.

 Movie of an automatic bale palletizer