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Bag Weights 5kg to 50kg

Vertical Form Fill Seal

One Form-Fill-Seal bagging machine model Velocity - FFS - CV20

This fully automatic machine unwinds plastic film from a flat roll and forms it into a tube which is then made into a bag before being filled with the product being bagged.  The top of the filled bag is sealed while the bottom of the next bag is made.

The machine includes:-

  • Heavy duty folded steel frame, for hygiene and easy cleaning (stainless steel optional)
  • Film reel support to hold 500mm diameter reel.
  • Film reel unwinder device including a powered unwinder with integral film tensioning device.
  • Bag forming tube, shaped to suit the client’s filed bag size.
  • Powered film unwinders at the sides of the forming tube, including two friction face, toothed belts – (Belt tensioning and friction is adjustable to suit film quality and filled bag weight)
  • Pneumatic pressure compensation, of the toothed belts that feed film down.
  • Encoder or photoelectric cell to control the film unwinding operation – see options (length and print pattern of the filled bag).  (Photocell detects registration mark on film).
  • Perforator to allow the expulsion of air once the bag has been filled – selectable function.  The position of the perforator is fully adjustable in order to perforate the bag at a suitable place.
  • Vertical sealing bar with anti-adhesive Teflon coating. (Double bars and entrained air venting system  -price on request )
  • Horizontal welding bars, Teflon coated, and film cutter, having a perfectly synchronised hydraulic movement as the bars close and the film is cut.
  • Cooling of the sealed zones (vertical and horizontal) by chilled air
  • The air is cooled by a recirculating chilled water circuit – supply of refrigeration unit is included – this feature reduces the volume of air  required and facilitates high speed bagging.
  • One set of pneumatic controls.
  • Motorised hydraulic powerpack for positive precise high speed movements.
  • Electronic temperature controllers to monitor and adjust the temperature of the high speed impulse sealing bars.
  • One electrical control panel with PLC controlled operating logic.
  • One pneumatic control panel
  • One HMI (UOP) operators Touch Screen panel:
    • IP65 membrane
    • Menue driven English language operator instuctions
    • Messages with symbols, for quick recognition
    • Storage of 44 working programmes each with 19 different settings
    • 16 alarm/  signals regarding machine status for fault finding
    • Selectable film sealing programmes
    • Regulation of the length of the bags being filled whilst the machine is in operation
    • Provision of production and throughput data
    • Bag counter/totaliser, bag  count down from pre set total
    • Real time display of packing rate , bags/min
  • Film unwinding control, to allow the quick centring of the film reel during operation.
  • Guides with rollers for quick and easy change of forming tubes.
  • CE marked and certified.
 See a movie of the FFS-CV20 form fill seal bagging machine in operation


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