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Giving you:

  • Cement packing system inside two ISO containers
  • Economic solution
  • Quick to set up, easy to operate
  • Mobile - transport by road, rail, ship or river barge
  • Self contained and ready to run
  • Secure – housed in lockable containers
  • Cement storage silos are not needed
  • Cement in big bags
    re-packed into 50kg sacks

Ideal for packing:

  • Standard cement – OPC (dry, free flowing)
  • Fine ground minerals


  • 50-60 tonnes/hour (1000-1200 x 50kg sacks/hour)

Delivery Period:

  • Normally 4-5 months from receipt of cash down payment or irrevocable Letter of Credit confirmed in our favour

Standard options:

  • Big bag emptying stations
  • Cement screening system to remove lumps and foreign bodies
  • Elevator to feed cement to surge hopper in top container
  • Truck/lorry loading conveyors
  • Set of spare parts
  • Diesel generator set
  • Dust collection system including filter and fan
  • Spillage recovery system
  • Lockable workshop
  • External flood lights – night working
  • Bag coder/printer
  • Levelling jacks
  • Filled sack cleaner with power brush
  • Operator training at site
  • Training courses for maintenance technicians at our UK HQ

Mode of Operation:

Cempack is normally installed at a rail terminal or on the quay side of an inland waterway.

The user purchases cement in 1 tonne big bags which are delivered to the bagging location by train or river barge.

The cement is automatically emptied out of the big bags, screened and then packed into 50kg valve paper sacks.

Cempack enables the user to set up and operate a bagging terminal within a week, it does not require special foundations or building works.

Expensive silos for storing bulk cement are not needed because the 1 tonne big bags of cement can be stored in an open warehouse.

The Cempack System:

Cempack is supplied in two or three modules:-

Container I

  • Cement receiving hopper with pressure relief filters and level probes
  • Rotary valve feeders
  • Air compressor with receiver and air drier
  • Internal lighting, cabling, pneumatic pipework
  • Lockable storage cabinet
  • External ladder to roof

Container II

  • High speed cement packer model IMP-IV
  • Two operator seats
  • Two empty sack shelves
  • Filled sack removal conveyor
  • Grids in floor for spillage
  • Electrical control panels
  • Lockable doors and shutters
  • Four wheels and tow bar
  • Four support legs

Container III

  • Ancillary equipment:-
    • Two big bag emptying stations, cement screen, product elevator
  • Truck loading conveyor
  • Spare parts
  • Generator set
  • Truck loading conveyor
Inside Cempack - Containerised Bagging System packing Valve Sacks with OPC Cement and Ground Minerals

Cempack Containerised Bagging System Housed within two ISO Containers