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Giving you:

  • Versatile solution –  adaptable for bagging small  50 kg sacks 
  • Transported by road, rail, ship and air to provide bagging facility anywhere in the world
  • Pre-wired and factory tested ready for operation by your   workforce
  • Secure  - housed in lockable containers
  • Self contained and ready to run

Ideal for Packing:

  • Fertilizer
  • Salt
  • Rice
  • Grain
  • Plastics
  • Chemicals


  • 20-40 tonnes/hour (high speed version also available)

Delivery Period:

  • Normally 3-4 months form receipt of cash down payment or irrevocable Letter of Credit confirmed in our favour

Standard Options:

  • Small bag filling spouts
  • Small bag handling conveyor(s)
  • Fertilizer screening system to remove lumps and foreign bodies
  • Elevating conveyor to feed fertilizer or grains to buffer hopper in top container
  • Set of spare parts
  • Diesel generator set
  • Dust collection system including filter and fan
  • Lockable workshop
  • External flood lights – night working
  • Bag coder/printer
  • Levelling jacks
  • Operator training at site
  • Training course for maintenance technicians at our UK HQ

Mode of Operation:

Installed on the quay-side, at a rail terminal or in your factory.

Product is feed into the system by a feed pipe from your silo, or an inclined belt conveyor from ground level.

IBC-MB enables you to set up and operate a bagging terminal within days, it does not require special foundations or building works.

The IBC-MB System:

IBC-MB is supplied in two or three modules:-

Container I

  • Product receiving/buffer hopper above the weigh scales
  • Four high speed batching scales
  • Air compressor with the receiver and air dryer
  • Internal lighting, cabling, pipework
  • Lockable storage cabinet for spare parts
  • Lockable steel shutters
  • External ladder to roof

Container II

  • Two  Big Bag filling lines
  • Two bag filling spouts  (self venting with inner and outer tube)
  • Bag conveyors, roller or belt
  • Electrical control panel
  • Lockable doors and shutters
  • Grids in floor for spillage
  • Four wheels, front slewing wheels with tow bar

Container III – ancillary equipment

  • One inclined trough belt conveyor to elevate fertilizer, grain, rice from ground level to buffer hopper in top container
  • Change parts for packing 25/50 kg sacks
  • Spare parts
  • Generator set
  • Dust collection system

Mobile Containerised Bagging System for Big Bags