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Pallet Magazines and Conveyors
Pallet magazine standard

Fully automatic pallet magazine / dispenser, model PAL-MAG-STD.  Holds between 10-15 pallets (400kg). Compact and versatile design.

60 pallets / hour

Pallet magazine with forks

Fully automatic pallet magazine / dispenser. Model PAL-MAG-FORK. Capacity between 15-20 pallets (500kg). No adjustment is required for pallet size changes.

70 pallets / hour

Pallet conveyors

Our range of versatile roller conveyors.  Modular design means that we offer quick delivery and low transport costs.  Can be supplied in 'kit form' for self assembly.

As required

Sheet feeder

Fully automatic sheet feeder for rigid cardboard / plastic sheets. Automatically places pre-cut sheets on to the empty pallets. Various options are available.

60 sheets / hour

Plastic sheet feeder

Automatic plastic sheet applicator for model UNITOP 600. This machine automatically dispenses and cuts plastic sheet from a roll of film and places a sheet onto the empty pallet.

 60 pallets / hour

Turn table

Heavy duty turn table with 90, 180 and 360 degree rotation. Various models available to suit speed, pallet dimensions and weight.

 60 pallets / hour

Input station

Pallet in-feed system 'up-down' chain conveyor for in-feed or out-feed of pallet from system - this is usually positioned upstream of the pallet wrapper.

 60 pallets / hour

Shuttle car

Mobile trolley or shuttle car for transport of empty or loaded pallets. Various solutions are available.

 as required

Turn key systems

Integrated pallet handling, palletising and pallet wrapping installations.

 as required

Automatic pallet de-stacker, pallet magazine/dispenser

Heavy Duty Powered Roller Conveyor