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Pallet magazine standard

One empty pallet magazine, model PAL-MAG-STD, to hold a stack of 12-15 empty pallets of up to 400kg including : -

  • Heavy duty steel guides adjustable to suit different pallet sizes
  • Lifting and lowering assembly incorporating a geared electric brake motor. This assembly lowers the complete pallet stack down onto the roller conveyor, releases one empty pallet and then raises the remainder of the stack up again to allow the single pallet to be conveyed out from under the stack.
  • Two canter levered arms on which four horizontal plates are bolted. The arms pivot outwards in order to disengage the stack of pallets. The arms then raise upwards, pivot inwards so that the plates are inserted into the voids in the sides of the second pallet. The carriage then raises and leaves the bottom pallet of the conveyor.
  • The arms are fixed to a carriage which is raised and lowered to lift and lower the stack of pallets. Pallets are dispensed individually onto a powered roller or chain conveyor which is mounted underneath the lifting/lowering assembly
  • One powered roller or two strand pallet chain conveyor positioned beneath the lifting and lowering assembly to receive empty pallets and transfer them to the down stream equipment.
 Movie of a standard pallet magazine


Standard Pallet Magazine

Standard Pallet Magazine