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Pallet Stretch Hooding



Able to wrap up to 150 pallets/hour the Endurance M6000 is a compact machine offering all the advantages of shrink wrapping without applying heat.

With low film and power consumption stretch hooding improves load stability while giving you the possibility to use printed film in order to brand pallets during distribution or to use clear film to display your product on the pallet during storage and at point of sale.

Available as stand-alone machine or as part of a Turnkey System (see drawings below)


Stretch Hooding – the future of pallet wrapping

Stretch hooding from Webster Griffin gives you:- 

  • Waterproof pallet cover giving dust, rain and UV protection
  • Fully automatic unattended operation
  • Film remains flexible, maintaining tension which provides tight package and holds load onto pallet
  • Clear film allows your product to be displayed and barcode to be scanned through film 
  • Weatherproof protection suitable for outside storage
  • High throughput - up to 140 pallets/hour
  • Continuous uninterrupted production - one reel of film wraps 600-1000 pallets, so minimal loss of output due to film changeovers
  • Low fixed cost of film per pallet – no wastage
  • Low energy consumption – no heating required, no hazard
  • Flexible – self adjusting for different height pallets
  • Excellent branding of palletized load with printed film
  • Film easily removed by your customer or retailer – use of recyclable film
  • Cost effective alternative to spiral stretch or shrink wrapping
  • Few moving and wear parts – minimum maintenance
  • Easily installed within an existing conveyor system
  • Available as stand-alone machine or as part of a turnkey pallet conveying system from Webster Griffin
  • Simple solid functional design - reliable operation 24 hours/day
  • Quite simply the perfect way to wrap your pallets 

Pallet Stretch Hooder


  Stretch hooder loads