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Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper

One automatic high speed pallet conveying and stretch wrapping system including:-

Interface control signals with upstream equipment
One 1.5m long powered roller conveyor for the infeed of the pallets to the automatic pallet stretch wrapper.
One 2.0m long powered roller conveyor for the infeed of the pallets to the automatic pallet stretch wrapper.
One high speed pallet wrapper model Uniwrap 300 Auto with rotating arm – including:-

  • Heavy duty frame
  • Inverter control of rotation
  • Auto select, programmable wrapping programmes
  • Auto pallet height detection and programme selection
  • Auto longitudinal pallet centring
  • Electronic control at end or breaking of the stretch film
  • One complete control system including control panel housing MCC’s and PLC for control of complete conveying and wrapping system
  • PLC type Siemens S7-200
  • HMI/Operator Interface panel with screen display for alarm and fault identification and keypad for adjustment of wrapping programmes and timers
  • The machine is complete with the film gripper, cutting arm, wiping blade to ensure that the film adheres to the side of the pallets after wrapping

Fully automatic ‘integral’ top sheet applicator – including film unwinding , cutting and application carriage. Film break and ‘run out’ alarm
One adjustable electronic powered pre-stretch unit model PE/1RM for adjustable pre-stretch and tensioning of the film during high speed wrapping
One 3.5m long powered roller conveyor under the wrapping machine
One 2.0m long powered roller conveyor for the out feed and accumulation of wrapped pallets.
One section 1.5m long gravity roller conveyor positioned at the end of the wrapping line for accumulation of wrapped pallets
One set of painted safety fences around the complete installation, including interlocked access gate to allow for entry to the wrapper when replenishing the film roll. 
Two light barriers across the loaded pallet infeed conveyor and wrapped pallet exit conveyor including control panel with alarm siren.


Products to be       wrapped:

Carton, cases, crates, shrinked wrapped packs, bags or sacks.

Wooden Pallets:

1200 x 1000 x 150
1200 x 800 x 150
800 x 600 x 140

Loaded Pallet Height:

600mm minimum – 2500mm maximum – to be confirmed

Wrapping Speed:

35 pallets per hour with top sheet
(maximum 45-60 pallets per hour, 2.4m high)

38 pallets per hour (1500mm high)(Wrapping programme with two bottom wraps, two top wraps and 75mm film overlap)

Click here to see a movie of the high speed rotary stretch wrapper 

Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper