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Uniwrap 100S

Heavy duty semi-automatic stretch wrapper model Uniwrap 100/S

This heavy duty machine is complete with:

  • Motor driven turn-table with positive chain transmission
  • Automatic bobbin raising and lowering carriage, motor driven via double chain transmission.
  • Turntable diameter 1500mm complete with sturdy nylon supporting wheels
  • Carrying capacity 2000kg
  • Wrapping height  2100mm
  • Turntable complete with slots in front and in the back side of the machine for easy repositioning by fork lift truck.
  • Positive stop of the rotating turntable in fixed position by micro switch.
  • Programmable number of wrapping revolutions at the top and at the bottom of the palletised load
  • Electric cable running via protective plastic chain link (only when photocell is installed)
  • Safety plate complete with end switch positioned under the bobbin carriage
  • Electric control system housed in the column isolated from any other component of the machine,   access door is complete with key lock.
  • Operator control console with VDU and touch key controls
  • Variable programme for only upward wrapping
  • Variable programme for double cycle (upward and downward wrapping)
  • Colour moving parts - orange
  • Colour fixed parts – dark blue


Pallet to be Wrapped:                                Palletised loads of product, bags, boxes, cartons, drums, tubs, machinery parts, furniture, etc.
Pallet Dimensions: 1200 x 1000 x 150mm /1200 x 800 x150 - to be confirmed
Pallet Height: Minimum 600mm – maximum 1700mm
Pallet Weight: 1800 kg maximum
Required Output: Max 25 pallets

Uniwrap 100S Turn-Table Stretch Wrapper

Standard Options:

  • Operator console with alphanumeric display on the VDU and touch key controls for changing wrapping programme and parameters
  • Automatic pallet height detection photocell includes wrapping programme selection
  • Electronic powered pre-stretch to provide a more stable load and reduce the consumption of the film.
  • Water proof cycle - the machine stops in the middle of its wrapping cycle to enable an operator to apply a PE sheet to the top of the pallet which is then wrapped onto the load.
  • Electronic soft start for the turn table, for unstable loads