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Uniwrap 200AE

Fully automatic pallet stretch wrapping machine model Uniwrap 200 Auto with powered roller conveyor turn-table

This heavy duty machine is complete with :-

  • Automatic pallet height checking and wrapping programme selection
  • Automatic film application by two pneumatically operated clamps
  • Film cutting and wiping down device, adjustable to suit different widths of pallet.
  • Variable speed motor driven turn-table with positive moon and planet gear transmission
  • Soft start and stopping of the turn-table rotation by inverter
  • Inverter controlled programmable rotation speed
  • Inverter controlled upward/downward speed of reel dispensing carriage
  • Photocell for automatic pallet height detection
  • Number of revolutions at the top and the bottom of the wrap is programmable
  • Centrally driven powered roller conveyor for positive transport of unsteady loads
  • Automatic longitudinal pallet centring at wrapping point (ensures centre of pallet is in centre of conveyor)
  • Driven roller conveyor on turn-table, roller diameter 89mm, pitch 127mm
  • Auto detection of end of film/break of film during pallet wrapping operation.
  • Siemens S7 PLC
  • Electrical protection – motors, panel and components etc. IP55
  • ESA fault finding display with operator keypad for setting and adjustment of essential parameters
  • Manual control buttons
  • Colour of moving parts – Orange or Yellow
  • Colour of fixed parts – Grey/White, Resida Green or Gentian Blue
  • Air-jet to blow trailing end of film into bottom wrap
  • Fully automatic “integral” top sheet applicator
  • Including self adjustment for pallets of different heights, film unwinding, cutting, and application carriage.
  • Film break and run out alarm are included; the roll of film is loaded at ground level.
  • Electronic powered pre-stretch model PE/1RMI, with fixed ratio powered pre-stretch which is adjustable from 55%-260%


Product to be wrapped:                      Palletised loads, bags, sacks, cartons, crates, packs, drums, kegs, boxes, bricks,bales.
Wrapping Speed: Guaranteed 30 pallets per hour

Assuming standard wrapping programme with:–

  • two bottom wraps
  • overlap ascending wrap
  • two top wraps around top sheet
  • overlapping descending wrap
  • two bottom wraps

Uniwrap 200 Fully Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

Standard Options:

  • Pallet alignment guide rail on fork truck input conveyor
  • Electric film welding system for positive sealing of film tail end.
  • One pneumatic top presser with a variable stroke of 800mm and a round pad of 700mm diameter.
  • One pneumatically operated approaching arm which guides the film into automatic film cutting and clamping jaws, this item is necessary owing to difference in diagonal angle from film dispensing roller due to variation in pallet length from 1200 to 955mm