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Palletizing and DePalletizing

Machine Model


Palletizer or Robot We design and engineer complete palletizing systems including Okura robots or palletizing machines. The type of bag you wish to palletize, the product in the bag, the nature of your application and the range of bag sizes which you need to palletize will determine whether a robot or palletizer is suitable for your project. Robot Palletizer
Palletizing DePalletizing

 High speed box, bottle, can, crate, jar palletizers and de-palletizers handling and conveying systems from Inemur

High Speed Palletizing System from Inemur in Stainless Steel
Bag Palletizing Machine Fully automatic palletizer for bags and sacks - bag sizes from 2-50kg - perfect stacking of loose floppy bags Bag Palletizing Machine
Why Okura

Total flexibility - unique OXPA - 'Easy Teach' software saves you money, an Okura robot is the most versatile palletizing machine available.

OXPA Software Screen for use with an Okura Palletising Robot
Robot Specification Okura A1600 palletising robot
Turn key system

 We provide total solutions - integrated palletizing, wrapping and conveying systems.

Complete Turn-key System from Webster Griffin
Multi Line Okura Robot Palletizing System