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Bag Palletizing Machine

The main advantage of this palletizer is its versatility along with a significant production rate.

The ability to intersect various bags during the layer formation phase; overlapping the emptiest parts of the bags, makes it possible to achieve extremely compact configurations, well within the perameter of the pallet. This is true even using bags which are not always compatible in size.

The UPR series of palletizers come in two main versions depending upon the type of drive:-

  • Capacity up to 600 bags / hour
  • Capacity up to 900 bags / hour

The palletization rate is obviously linked to the format and number of bags that make up the pallet. In both versions it is possible to palletize bags of different dimensions without resorting to any type of mechanical adjustment or modification.

The UPR series of palletizers have two linear axles, servo-controlled by an encoder on asynchronous and / or vectorial motors, or brushless motors. Transmission is achieved with notched belts on negative pulleys.

The design of new sliding elements has made it possible to eliminate the usual rotating parts and thus to reduce friction wear due to turning. This has also improved operating reliability and reduced operating noise. The machines robotic palletizing functions are ensured by a clamp equipped with self-regulation and an automatic bag centring device. The bags, coming from a bagging line, stop at a given height on a special pick up roller conveyor. The clamp prepares the layer on the preparation sliding hatches and this process is completed by the perimeter compacting action of the pressing side plates - the perimeter compacting can be varied according to the selected working programme.

A special lift takes the empty pallet from the automatic distributor and positions it under the layer preparation sliding hatches. Once the layer is completed, the pre-shaping sliding hatches open and the layer is set on the pallet below. The hatches are then closed and can be used to press the layer, lifting the pallet against the lower surface.

Once the pallet has been completed, the lift lowers to evacuate the pallet onto the roller conveyor and allows a new empty pallet to enter.

Palletizer model UPR


Bag Palletizing System