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Palletizer or Robot


  • Compact
  • Quiet
  • Inexpensive
  • Quick to re-programme
  • Easy to integrate with any packing line
  • Reliable - far fewer moving parts
  • Need far less routine maintenance and lubrication etc.
  • Cost effective for throughputs from 200 to 1200 bags/ hour
  • OXPA 'Easy Teach' system gives ultimate flexibility - helps you select and download new palletising pattern programmes whilst in production
  • Highly Flexible - usually 'self adjusting' when operating with an automatic packing machine or several packing lines simultaneously
  • Offers split investment - able to be upgraded and speeded up with the addition of pallet conveyors, automatic pallet magazine/ dispenser in the future
  • State of the art touch screen operator panel with interactive controls
  • Easily adapted to handle different products in the future
  • Cheaper to operate - needs less power and consumes less spare parts
  • Suitable for appliactions where flexibility is paramount and there could be many bag/ carton sizes and stacking pattern changes in the future.


  • Only cost effective for throughputs above 350 bags/ hour
  • Offer high production rates - up to 1600 bags per hour
  • Able to overlap bags during the layer formation phase
  • Provides neat, symetrical palletised stacks - owing to action of the four side pushing plates which sqaure up each layer as it is stripped off onto the layer below
  • Able to compress each layer during palletising as stripper plate presses down onto each layer of bags
  • Often occupies more space than equivalent robotic solution
  • Solid construction
  • PLC control
  • Simple to maintain and operate by an unskilled workforce
  • Requires regular maintenance, lubrication, cleaning
  • Include more motor drives and pneumatic actuators
  • Versatility is limited to pre-programmed palletising patterns
  • Suitable for applications where bag size and stacking pattern will not be changed
  • Well proven in many installations world wide
  • More parts 'in-touch' with your bags and with many exposed moving parts, therefore less suitable for highly corrosive or food grade applications.