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Why Okura

Okura technology

Okura robots are designed and built for performing repetative palletizing and de-palletizing functions in demanding, industrial environments.

Okura have designed a range of pick up hands and manipulators to suit mosts types of package and container. The modualr design of these hands means that they can be customised to suit individual customers requirements. All Okura manipulators / hands are designed to deliver optimum performance when combined with an Okura robot. They compliment Okuras operating and palletising software providing you with an integrated palletizing machine.

Why Webster Griffin?

Webster Griffin provide systems design and engineering know how, we integrate and test the robot with ancillary equipment. We provide comprehensive service, including layout drawings, pre-assembly and factory acceptance test prior to despatch from our works, supervision of installation, on site commissioning of the robot with your products and pallets, training of your operators and maintenance technicians, after sales service and spare parts back up.

Total Flexibility - OXPA 'Easy Teach' software provides you with an easy to use, versatile palletizer

With OXPA 'Easy Teach' system you will be able to prepare and download new palletizing programmes in minutes. Every Okura robot is now supplied with an Oxpa system - a simpleWindows based programme operated through the touch screen on the robot control panel.

Oxpa gives you the flexibility to cope with constantly changing customer requirements and an infinate number of different pack sizes / pack types and palletising pattern programmes.

'Built in' reliability

Minimum moving parts, direct drive transmissions, totally sealed for life bearings mean that an Okura can cope with everything a demanding, industrial environment will throw at it.

Robot or palletizing machine?

Compared to conventional palletizing machines, Okura robot palletizers are compact, quiet and highly flexible, quick to programme, easy to operate and simple to integrate within any packing line.


Okura - A robot palletizer not a standard industrial robot used to perform a palletizing function.

In November 2004, Okura announced that the 100th Okura robot palletizer had been sold in Europe - with a majority in The Netherlands and the UK.

Advanced technology

Okura robots now include touch screen control panel with powerful, user friendly operating system, able to monitor and record robot performance during every shift and operating period. All Okuras now include an on-board PLC, fully integrated with the robot operating system. This PLC is used for controlling ancillary devices. The PLC is used to control items such as product in-feed conveyors, pallet conveyors, pallet magazine / de-stacker, sheet feeders.

Total Control

The seamless interface between the robots operating software and the control of ancillary equipment such as pallet handling conveyors.

Safety and Speed

All Okura robots use 'absolute encoders' therefore the robot can be restarted from the position at which it stops - it is not neccessary for you to manually bring the robot to the rest position and then power up, and restart the robot whcih takes time.

On our competitors machine this results in dangerous operating practices as the operators do anything rather than waste the time and loss of production which results when a robot is stopped.

Service throughout the UK

Spare parts are availabe from Webster Griffin, or Okura Europe, The Netherlands, within 24 hours.


Okura OXPA Easy-Teach Software



Okura OXPA Software - Building a new Palletizing Stack



Okura OXPA Programme Screen



  • The Okura robot was conceived, designed and has been continuously developed for palletizing and palletizing only. It is not a general purpose robot.
  • An Okura robot is supplied with 50 basic 'built in' standard palletizing programmes - teaching is done by selecting the pattern, and inputting the pallet and product dimensions.
  • Minimal maintenance - unlike our main competitor the Okura does not have any timing belts which need to be replaced anually - all drives are sealed for life.