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Robot Palletizing Systems

Machine Model



New Okura III Series Robot

A range of palletizers packed with innovative features.   User friendly, versatile and practically maintenance free.

Okura Robot III Series Palletiser
Bag Palletizing Photo Gallery Okura Robot Palletizer palletizing bags Okura bag palletizer Okura Bag Hand for Bags of Animal Feed
Packages and Containers Photo Gallery
Robot Palletizer gripper hand for pallets Robot Palletizing Gripper Hand for Boxes


Robot Palletizer for Boxes
Pick up hands for bags and sacks

A range of modular hands for all types of sacks - available with automatic self-adjustment for different sizes of bags and attachments for picking up empty pallets, cardboard sheets.

Okura Robot Bag Hand
Pick up hands for all types of Containers

Over 30 standard gripper hands/manipulators are available from Okura - all designed to work with Okura robots and palletising software.

Okura Robot Gripper Hand for Boxes
A Robot for Every Job

Designed to perform - Engineered to last.

Okura robots available in 4 models to suit your throughput and budget.

Technical descriptions and specifications.

Okura Robot Palletizer
Why Okura

Okura is the father of robotic palletizing.

Okura robots have been designed and developed to perform palletizing and de-palletizing tasks.

Okura OXPA Software Screen
Robot Specification

Okura 4 axis multi articulated robots offer highest speed and longest reach in their class.

Okura Robot Palletizing System
Gantry Robot

Compact - versatile - user-friendly

If space is tight our four post cartesian robot palletizer will stack packages onto pallets all day  . . and all night.

Gantry Robot
Turn key Palletizing Systems Webster Griffin know-how - Okura technology.   Our partnership with Okura and range of ancillary equipment gives us the ability to provide you with an integrated conveying, palletizing and pallet wrapping system. Turnkey Palletizing System
Pick and Place Robot Bilatron

The Okura Bilatron Jr is a very fast industrial robot that is used for product handling, mostly in the packaging industry.

Pick and Place Robot