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Packages and Containers Photo Gallery


Cartons of Butter

Robot Palletiser for Boxes containing butter Okura palletiser for palletising 1200 cases/hour Okura robot palletiser showing Angel guarding system

Palletizing at 1200 cases/hour is no problem for an Okura Robot

Bottles of Oil and Vinegar

Okura Robot Palletiser for bottles of oil Okura Robot Palletising Packs Containing Bottles of Oil  



Robot Palletizing Systems for Fruit & Vegetables

Palletised Cartons of Vegetable Boxes Robot Palletiser Bag Hand for IFCO Containers Robot Palletiser Palletising Crates and Cartons

Palletizing Plastic Crates and Cartons


Glass De-Palletizing

Okura Robot De-Palletising Cell Okura De-Palletising Robot Okura Robot De-Palletising Glasses

Compact De-Palletizing Cell


Empty Pallets

Robot picking up a pallet

Okura Robot with double action end effector for bags and pallets

All Okura Hands can be adapted to pick up empty pallets and inter-layer sheets


Tins and Buckets of Paint

Okura Robot Palletising Cans of Paint Pallet Chain Conveyor Pallet de-stacker

Flexible Palletizing and de-Palletizing Robot


Octagonal Cartons

Palletised Stack of Octagonal Cartons Okura Robot Hand Adapted to Suit Octagonal Cartons Okura Robot Handling Octagonal Cartons

Palletizing Bottles of Detergents and Kitchen Cleaner

Precise Robot Palletizer for Cartons


Cartons and Jars

Okura Robot Palletising Cartons Okura Robot Hand for Cartons Compact Installation for Cartons and Jars

Compact Installation - Low Cost and Space Saving