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Turn-Key Systems
Bulk Bag Filling

Bulk bag filling, weighing and conveying systems for all types of solid particles, powders, pellets, prills, flakes, chips  . . . .

Upto 65 bulk bags/hour

Sack Packing and Palletizing

Versatile bagging lines from product weighing to pallet wrapping


Up to 1200 sacks per hour
Palletizing Systems Integrated palletizing, conveying, pallet wrapping and control systems As required by client
Pallet Protection Systems

Fully automatic pallet wrapping and/or pallet hooding machines combined with pallet conveyors and transport systems.

Up to 130 pallets/hour per line

Materials Handling and Packaging Lines

Integrated solutions for product storage, screening and transport, combined with a simple bag filling machine or complete bagging line.

To suit client