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Net Weighing

Giving you:

  • Simple to operate with easy to use screen and keypad
  • For combination with:–
    - bagging lines
    - big bag filling systems
    - valve sack packing machines
    - form fill Seal bagging machines
    - batching and mixing plants
  • A range of scales to suit your product and throughput
  • Loadcell weighing motionless and maintenance free
    Two stage filling - coarse and dribble feed
  • Dosing device to suit characteristics of your product
  • Catch gate for positive product flow cut off when weighment is reached
  • Dialog 165 weighing controller (see weighment and control) recognises changes in product flow and density
  • Memory for 63 different weighment programmes
  • Self optimising software for high accuracy and maximum speed
  • Auto regulation of “in-flight” material
    Accuracy +/- 25g (Sigma 2 - 95.5% of weighments, can be achieved)
  • Auto calibration and self test, auto tolerance check with alarm display
    Output of weighment data to PC or printer
  • The weighers are mounted individually or as double/duplex unit
  • Enquire about availability of second hand scales

Standard Options:

Two stage dosing device to suit your product and throughput:-

Gravity catch gate/shutter dosing:

  • For free flowing granular and crystalline products which do not bridge
    - Plastic resins, fertilizers, granulated sugar, table salt, rice, grain, beans, lentils, wax beads, sulphur pastilles

Screw Dosing

  • Single screw feeder (variable or fix speed to suit product being weighed)
  • Twin screw feeder for high outputs, each screw is motor driven
    - For non free flowing powdery, fine grained products
    - Farinaceous products – flour, chemicals, ground minerals, cement, food ingredients
    - Fine free flowing powders

Belt dosing

  • For mealy products, lumpy products and aggregates, non sticky, non free flowing materials
    - Feed pellets, briquettes, extruded pet food, flakes, aggregate, stone chips, damp sand, rock salt, blended feeds

Recording weighment data

  • Transmission of weighment data to DCS or printer
  • Auto recording of weighment data by WDPS software – (see weighment and control):- create production reports, record throughput, monitor accuracy, calculate standard deviation ,mean weight, statistical data etc
  • “Real-time” information display on PC in remote control room or office
  • PC hardware, printer
  • In chute metal detector
  • In chute product sampling
  • Stainless steel contact parts 304/316
  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • Food grade specification
  • Corrosive environment specification
  • Easy cleaning and inspection:-
    - Quick release access panels
    - Inspection plate in weigh pan
    - Easy to dismantle/quick assembly (food ingredients, pigments)
  • Intrinsically/safe explosion proof
  • Low height ‘ultra compact’ version
Net Weigher, batching scale, pre-weigh scale, dump scale

Duplex Belt Fed Net Weighers above a Form Fill Seal Bagging System

Self Cleaning Batching Scale for plastic pellets