AGV: Self-Driving Forklift Truck, Robot lift truck, Automatic Fork Lift Truck


  • An ‘AGV’ is an autonomous self-driven fork truck that brings the cost of internal pallet transfers down to an absolute minimum.
  • When profitability is a priority - it pays to operate fork trucks without drivers because the cost of employing drivers is replaced by the much smaller cost of acquiring and running an AGV.
  • An AGV solution from Webster Griffin can be operational within 4-6 weeks. From the moment a self-driven fork truck starts working you have reduced your operating cost.
Fully Automated Packing Line

 WHY CHOOSE                     WEBSTER GRIFFIN?

  • No company or task is too small.
  • A driverless robot truck is an ideal solution for short repetitive, intermittent movements of pallets from A to B, marshaling of pallets in lanes, or complex long-distance transfer to a dispatch zone.
  • Based on Linde’s range of award-winning fork trucks our AGV s can tackle a multitude of jobs – and operate relentlessly 24 hours per day.


  • At Webster Griffin, we take the headache out of implementing a self-driven pallet truck.
  • To meet the challenge of providing economic internal factory logistics solutions Webster Griffin has teamed up with LiDAR Navigation Technology and Linde Fork trucks.
  • This a standard product, suitable for small and medium-size enterprises.

Easy To Implement, Totally Flexible, Safe To Operate.

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  • Totally flexible and scalable - as your business grows – your AGV fleet can grow with you.
  • With our user-friendly touch screen panel- it’s easy to view the ‘workflow’, add new jobs and activate different routes, you simply access controls via onboard HMI screen,  your phone or hand-held tablet.
  • Our AGV Robot trucks work without the need for complex sensors or reflectors, they can be installed and commissioned in just 5 days and, except from requiring a level concrete floor, don’t require any modifications to your factory.
  • If you wish to add an extra vehicle or need help setting up a completely different route - just call the Webster Griffin service department.

Simple, Scalable, User-Friendly Technology


  • From the moment a driverless pallet truck starts working you benefit from a reduction in your monthly operating costs (ask us to calculate the monthly saving).
  • If you operate two shifts per day, one AGV will replace the cost of hiring a fork truck plus the wages of two (2) drivers - and if you run 24 hrs/day -you will save the wages of three (3) drivers
  • With an AGV you ‘Earn while you save’, because buying and operating a ‘self-driven’ pallet truck costs appreciably less than operating a manually driven truck, so your company will stay lean – creating wealth for further investment.
  • Implementing a self-driving pallet truck is easier and quicker than you think – as soon as your AGV starts rolling your operating costs go down and you become more profitable.

Ask us about a simple self-funding purchase plan or tax efficient lease rental.



  • Step into the future with a self - driving pallet truck from AGV Webster Griffin.
  • Driverless pallet trucks are self-sufficient and suitable for performing a multitude of complex repetitive tasks, like connecting production lines with your warehouse, cold store, loading bay and ideal for collating and marshaling pallets for quarantine or dispatch.
  • Webster Griffin is a leading supplier of ‘end-of-packing lines’ palletising solutions, pallet conveying and control systems. We have 100s of installations to our credit.
  • We interface and connect an AGV with your existing equipment.
  • Our technical expertise and range of complementary equipment give us the ability to use an AGV to connect your production processes together – so that they operate as an integrated, efficient production unit.

Our AGVs link your factory together – but cost less to operate than your existing manually driven fork trucks


 QUICK INSTALLATION  -                                   24 HR SUPPORT

  • An AGV solution from Webster Griffin can be operational within 5-6 weeks.
  • It will be delivered to your site in 4-5 weeks, then commissioned in 3 -5 days.
  • Provided that you have a smooth level concrete floor, it is installed without the need for any modifications to your factory.
  • The on-board navigation system utilises 360 Degree LiDAR ‘geo-mapping' technology, which sees your factory in 3D (Night & Day), and precise ultra-sonic position sensors. Turn your AGV ‘off ‘- then power up again -and your AGV knows exactly where it is.
  • Owing to Linde’s standard tiller control it’s a simple task to scan and map the area  & ‘teach’ your AGV the routes it must follow. Because it does not depend upon any ancillary navigation devices, like reflectors or a wire in the floor, it is quick to install.
  • Our AGV can follow complex convoluted routes in an open factory environment or travel along passageways inside an existing building.
  • Using the on-board operator interface screen you have an overview of the AGV’s workflow. Whether you access the control via your PC, tablet or phone - you encounter the same interface screen
  • If you wish to add an extra vehicle or need help setting up a completely different route - just call the Webster Griffin service department.
  • For a fixed monthly subscription all customers must join the Software Licence Agreement and benefit from the 24 hours /day Service Hotline.

Linde Reliability - LiDAR Navigation - Webster Griffin Know-How


  • You benefit from the transport of pallets from A to B - automatically, quickly and safely.
  • Our AGVs are CE marked and safe to work in areas where personnel are present, employing ‘fixed feature’ Geo- navigation and harmless, unobtrusive laser technology.
  • A host of personnel sensors, warning alarms and safety scanners, ensure safe operation.
  • Precise control of acceleration and deceleration speeds provides the additional benefit of avoiding the cost of damaged goods and expensive collisions.
  • Dual mode:- Manual or Automatic operation, when necessary the AGV can be switched to manual mode and operated from the standard Linde steering tiller.
  • The LiDAR scanning navigation system analyses a continuum of fixed data points and always knows the exact location of the AGV – even after being switched to manual mode and taken to a new position your AGV knows exactly where it is.
  • Our AGV’s are built on proven technology from Linde –supported by a comprehensive service network.

            Easy to use, totally flexible, safe to operate.

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Technical Specification

Our AGV's are CE approved and comply with the latest requirements of the machinery directive. This machine meets all applicable environmental, health and safety requirements.

Global AGV L14 Global AGV L12
Global AGV L14
Global AGV L12
Suitable For Handling Pallets Without Perimeter Base Board Euro , ½ Euro, CP1, CP 2, CP 3, CP 4, CP5 Suitable For Handling Pallets Without Perimeter Base Board GKN Blue, UK Std, UK Red, USA, Australian, Sea Pallets, CP6 CP7, CP8, CP9
Pallet Type 2 & 4 Way Entry Pallet Type 2 & 4 Way Entry
Lifting Capacity 1400 kg Lifting Capacity 1200 kg
Lifting Height Max 2844mm Lifting Height Max 2844mm
Fork Dimensions 60x180x1150mm Fork Dimensions 40x100x1200mm
Centre Spacing Between Forks Fixed at 30mm Centre Spacing Between Forks Variable From 225 to 640mm
Motor 1.5kW AC Motor Motor 1.5kW AC Motor
Transmission Linde LAC Transmission Linde LAC
Max Speed 1.6 m/sec (5.76 km/h) Max Speed 1.6 m/sec (5.76 km/h)
Safety & Navigation On board touch screen panel visual & acoustic warning flashing beacon Top scanner Safety sensor-front facing sensor in end of lifting fork pallet sensor E stop buttons.
Dual Mode Selectable: Auto /Manual
Tiler Control For Manual Control
Fixed Feature Geo Navigation & Route Mapping Technology Included, On Board Of Truck
Communication/ Interface Options Web Interface, WiFi, IO Exchange
Software License E Leaning & 24H/Day Hot Line Support Monthly Subscription
Connectivity Tablet, Phone, Browser
Excluded Applications Cold Store, (Sub-Zero Working) Loading of road Vehicles Outdoor Operations, Auto Loading Of Pallet Racking
Requirements Solid Smooth Concrete Floor, Gradual Inclinations Acceptable). Sufficient Headroom
Power Supply For Battery Charging By Client
Health & Safety Compliance CE Marked Suitable For Incorporation Within Certified System
Base Truck manufacture Linde
Standard Colour Blue RAL 5002
Operation 24 Hrs/ Day
Options - Global AGV L12 & L14
  • Marshalling detection scanner
  • Standard lead-acid battery charger
  • Battery trolley, battery table
  • Lithium battery (24v/200AH) with charge plate
  • Lithium automatic charging station
  • Blue Spot  Front warning beam projected onto floor in front of truck
  • Red spot rear warning beam
  • IO box for equipment interface(s)  
  • Special tyres for slippery floors
AGV Logo Black