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We engineer solutions. Webster Griffin are the ideal partner for your next project.

Over the past 40 years we have established an excellent track record with many of the worlds major brands.

Tate & Lyle Logo

Application: Sugar  Solution: Big Bag Filling System

Peacock Salt Logo

Application: Salt      Solution: Turn Key System


Application: Grout      Solution: Bag Palletiser

Adwan Logo

Application: Silica Sand    Solution: Turn Key System

Norman Emerson Logo

Application: Sand & Aggregates Solution: Turn Key System

World Food Programme Logo

Application: Rice Solution: Form Fill Seal

Liffey Mills Logo

Application: Animal Feed  Solution: Bag Palletiser & Stretch Wrapper

Indorama Logo

Application: PET Pellets    Solution: Big Bag Filling

Adwan Logo

Application: Silica Flour Solution: Big Bag Filling System

Wagg Logo Large

Application: Pet Food    Solution: Palletising System

Building Adhesives Logo

Application: Cementitious Adhesive Powders              Solution: Bag Palletiser

Harringtons Logo - Resized

Application: Pet Food        Solution: Turn Key System

Rohm & Haas Logo

Application: Acrylic Resin Powder                      Solution: Turn Key System

Bathgate Horticulture

Application: Compost    Solution: Turn Key System

Birla Carbon Logo

Application: Carbon Black Solution: Big Bag Filling

Anbros Logo

Application: Calf Milk Solution: Bag Palletiser & Stretch Wrapper

Meadow Foods Logo

Application: Butter    Solution: Case Palletiser & Stretch Wrapper


Application: Fish Feed    Solution: Form Fill Seal & Big Bag Filling

Mansfield Sand Logo

Application: Sand    Solution: Form Fill Seal

Bathgate Silica Sand

Application: Silica Sand Solution: Turn Key System

Poucher and Sons Logo

Application: Animal Feeds Solution: Auto Baler

JG Summit Logo

Application: PE & PP Pellets Solution: Big Bag Filling

United Sugar Company

Application: Sugar                Solution: Big Bag Filling System & Form Fill Seal


Application: Cane Sugar  Solution: Turn Key System

Copdock Mill Logo 2

Application: Pet & Animal Feeds                          Solution: Bag Palletiser

Land Energy Logo

Application: Wood Pellets Solution: Form Fill Seal

Plastipak Logo

Application: PET Chips      Solution: Big Bag Filling

Blazer Fuels Logo

Application: Wood Pellets Solution: Form Fill Seal


Application: Calcium Carbonate Solution: Bag Palletiser


Application: Fish Feed
Solution: Big Bag Filling