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The initiators of the concept of sustainable feed, Aquaculture specialists BioMar produce fish and shrimp feed for seafood farmers in over 80 countries

BioMar’s factory at Grangemouth Scotland was looking for new bagging line to fill 500 to 1250kg bags of pelleted fish feed


Biomar aimed to increase productivity through a new line of equipment, this presented a range of challenges including:

  • The customer needed the adaptability to fill six bag types on the new line
  • Abrasive product with oil contact meaning product had to be well contained at all times
  • Food Grade components
  • Throughput 25-30 bags an hour
  • Adaptable for weights 500, 1000, 1050, 1250kg




After several consultations with the customer, Webster Griffin supplied the following heavy-duty solution ideal for the industrial scale installation and large bags

Big Bag Filling Machine Model IBC‐PF4, with an electronic load cell weighing system to weigh and fill fine free flowing products into big bags, including heavy duty welded box section support frame for easy cleaning
Height adjustable carriage on which the filling spout and bag loop support arms are mounted
One bag inflation device to ensure that the inner liner and bag are fully open and ready to receive the product before the feed valve opens, including: ‐
Inflatable spout to provide a dust tight seal during filling, SS 304L external clamping ring, and a removable angled chute to guide the flow of product into the centre of the bag.

Heavy duty plastic link powered conveyors to accumulate 9 filled bags allowing for discharge and offloading in batches

Net weight info interfaced with customer’s plant control system. Printing of ‘passport’ tickets for bags


The line was installed by Webster Griffin

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