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Webster Griffin's high-speed Form Fill Seal system provides continuous bagging around the clock. 


Founded in 1874, Peacock Salt is one of the UK’s most established suppliers of de-icing salt with an annual supply reaching 350,000 tonnes.

Peacock Salt selected Webster Griffin Total Solutions including Form Fill Seal packing, Okura Robot palletising and Big Bag Filling to pack their de-icing salt range into 5 – 25kg bags and Bulk Bags at their state-of-the-art facility in Port Ayr, Scotland.


To achieve high speed line packing and palletising for different grades of corrosive de-icing salt product, into multiple types and sizes of bags.

- Flexibility to pack multiple different bag types and sizes

  • Gusseted and non-gusseted bags
  • 5 – 10 kg bags with handles
  • 15kg, 20kg, 25kg pillow or gusset bags.
  • Single loop big bags

- System to operate 2shifts per day throughout winter

- Require minimal attention to operate and identify causes behind stoppages or alarms.

- Corrosive resistant with minimal moving parts. Reduced factory maintenance and cleaning.

- Supply chain reliability with the capacity to pack on demand catering to limited warehouse space.

- Stretch wrapped protected pallets to ensure bags arrive clean and dry to customers.

- Minimal downtime between product and bag size change overs.



Webster Griffin proposed a versatile, high speed bagging and palletising system including Form Fill Seal and Bulk Bag bagging and robot palletising turnkey system.

Peacock Salts solution was tailored according to their precise requirements.

  • FFS CV2080 vertical FFS bagging machine – continuously operates making and filling bags from a reel of flat printed film which it forms into a tube. Sealing the top of the first bag also forms the bottom of the next bag. The flat film roll machine benefits from far fewer moving parts than tubular film rolls.
  • Okura A1600 Robot palletiser – equipped with Okura OXPA ‘Easy Teach’ programming for different bag sizes and palletising patterns. Palletiser self-adjusts for different bag sizes and palletising patterns which alter at the “press of a button”.
  • Uniwrap 300 AE rotating arm pallet stretch wrapper in which the plastic sheet is automatically cut-to-size and placed on top of the palletised load to ensure complete waterproof protection.
  • Single arm single big bag filling machine for simple bulk bag loading.
  • Two duplex electronic net weigh scales - alternately weigh and discharge elected volume of salt into bagging machine filling tube.
  • Corrosive resistant construction including stainless steel 204 parts. Anti-corrosion epoxy paint finish compact with brass and aluminium parts, and IP65 splash and dust proof electrics and cabling ensures a robust industrial structure.
  • 8m Bag Flattener – electronically adjustable to cater to varying requirements of compression ensuring that excess air is squeezed out of the micro-perforated filled bags.
  • Pallet conveyor system complete with pallet magazine with a capacity up to 15 pallets. The system ensures the changeover period occurs within 5 seconds.
  • Individual integrated touch screen PLC control system simplifying varying programme changes through constant communication with the parent controller to ensure total control.
  • Guarding system to ensure health and safety


Peacock Salt now packs de-icing salt at a rate of 900 bags per hour. The low maintenance solution reduced labour required from 3 – 4 operators to a single fork lift driver who twice a day loads a 600kg roll of plastic film into the bagging machine and ensures the pallet magazine remains stocked.

  • Peacock Salt now packs multiple grades of salt into 5kg and 10kg bags with handles and 15kg, 20kg and 25kg pillow/gusset bags. The system allows for the bagging of bulk bag containers.
  • Seamless product production switching allows for Peacock Salt to cater more effectively to changes in customer demands.
  • High Speed bagging with rates up to 900 bags per hour with a finished pallet completed and ready to be dispatched within 2.7 minutes.
  • Increased warehouse space – Due to line flexibility, Peacock Salt can ‘pack on demand’, meaning they can hold low stock levels and save warehouse space.

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