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Industry Specific Solutions

To ensure dependable operation we have developed build standards to suit the specific demands of your application and industry whether it be corrosive fertilizers, hazardous chemicals, abrasive minerals, explosive powders, food grade plastics, construction materials or agricultural or food products.

The Webster Griffin Difference 

Our Process

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Our philosophy is to provide innovative solutions based on proven technology, developed by our team of in-house experts and network of partners. We work alongside our clients and guide them in customising a complete system built for their working environment and achieving their performance deliverables. Our expertise and resources give us a great platform from which we can develop a complete understanding of your organisation and your production needs and design a system which is uniquely tailored to answer all your key objectives.

We engineer and manufacture machinery in our own factory and in collaboration with our partners throughout Europe. We maintain strong supply chain relationships with trusted suppliers and strict quality control processes frame both our procurement, manufacturing and inspection processes. Prior to shipment, all equipment undergoes rigorous factory testing. Our project commissioning engineers install and commission all of our systems either in a supervisory role or as a site team, ensuring that quality and safety standards are upheld at every step of the process. We offer comprehensive training for technicians and operators which includes operation and programming of machinery and all aspects of maintaining a safe working environment. We ensure that support for our systems continues far beyond commissioning. Our dedicated spare parts department, field engineers and local service providers are on-hand to ensure your equipment is fully supported. We provide extensive technical backup in the form of remote support, planned routine maintenance and emergency call-outs.