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Bag & Sack Filling - Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find commonly asked questions about our Bag & Sack Filling range. If you have any question or query which isn't answered on this page, please Contact Us and our expert team will assist you promptly.

How much does a Bag & Sack Filling machine cost?

What is the required headroom?

What is the required operator input?

What is the maximum throughput?

Open-Mouth bagging or Form Fill seal bagging. What is best for my business?

What type of bags can the system fill?

Waht weight bags can be filled?

How should product be ddelivered to the machine?

How reliable are Open-Mouth bagging machines?

Can liquids be handled?

What maintenance is required?

What is the bag weight accuracy?

What is the expected lifetime of the machine?

Can the machine be supplied for a hazardous environment?

What bag closing/sealing devices are available?

What additional options are available?

How long do product changeovers take?

What is the capacity of the bag magazine?

What is the cost per a bag?

Are Form Fill Seal bags cheaper than pre-made bags?

What warranty does the machine come with?

Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic, which is best for my business?

Can the machine operate continuously?

Are the bags suitable for palletising?

Can fine, dusty powder be handled?

Can fine, dusty powder be aerated?

Can paper bags with a PE lining be heat sealed then stitched?

It is necessary to use crepe tape when stitiching the bag top?

Can the bag top be cleaned before heat sealing?

How is dust prevented from escaping during filling?

Is the machine suitable for handling food products?

Can nitrogen be injected into the bags before sealing?