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Form Fill Seal - Frequently Asked Qeustions

Below you will find commonly asked questions about our Form Fill Seal Bagging range. If you have any question or query which isn't answered on this page, please Contact Us and our expert team will assist you promptly.

How much does a Form Fill Seal Machine cost?

What is the floor space required for a Form Fill Seal machine?

Open-mouth bagging or form fill seal bagging. What is best form my business?

What is the required operator input?

What type of bags can be made?

What weight bags can be filled?

Varies by machine model depending on clients requirements.

How should the machine be fed with product?

What type of products can be bagged?

Solid products, no liquids handled. Depends on product density. Tailored to specific customer requirements.

How reliable are FFS machines?

FFS machines can operate continuously around the clock. Reel ilm changes are only required every 6 hours and only take 10 minutes. The machine does not require an operator to bag.

Can liquids be handle?

Unfortunately, Our Form Fill Seal Machines cannot handle liquids but cater to a vast range of solid materials. 

What maintenance is required?

Only a single annual service is typically required.

What is the bag weight accuracy?

Bag weight filling accuracy is ±0.5% on given target weight.

What is the expected liftetime of the machine?

Can the machine be supplied for a hazardous environment?

What shape bags can be made?

What sealing devices is used?

What additional options are available?

How long do film reel changeovers take?

How many bags are produced within one film reel?

What is the cost per a bag?

Are form fill seal bags cheaper than pre-made bags?

What warranty does the machine come with?

What is the maximum throughput?

Can the machine operate continuously?

Form Fill Seal machines can operate continuously without direct operator input. The machine is capable of performing 24/7. Reel changeovers requires operation to stop but only occurs every 6 hours and only take 5-10 minutes to complete.

Why will your boss be pleased when you buy an FFS bagger from WG?

Are bags made on a Webster Griffin FFS packer re-cyclable

Can my FFS bagger really pack dusty powders ?

Is it a fallacy that powders cant be packed by an Form Fill Seal (FFS) bagging machine ?

Whats the cost saving per bag when switching from pre-made bags to bags formed and filled in a FFS packer?