Frequently Asked Questions – Form Fill Seal

Form Fill Seal - Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find commonly asked questions about our Form Fill Seal Bagging range. If you have any question or query which isn't answered on this page, please Contact Us and our expert team will assist you promptly.

  • Bags made on FFS are less expensive than pre-made bags = “pay back”
  • Lower capital cost than fully auto machine when packing rate above 500 bags/h
  • Total automation - usually unattended, labor saving provides = “pay-back”
  • Consistent packing rate
  • Compact (especially the Vertical FFS)
  • Fast - increased production rate, reduced no. of shifts = “pay back”
  • Easy and quick to clean-out between production batches
  • Fewer moving parts - especially Vertical FFS
  • 'Online’ film printing provides readable bar code and product info
  • Not economical for short production runs of one bag size - below 1000 x 25 Kg bags = 25 tons
  • Cannot handle paper
  • Cannot handle multi-ply packing materials
  • Not economical for packing low density, aerated powders such as wheat flour, talcum powder, skimmed and whey powder at medium speeds
  • Cannot remove ‘trapped air’ very quickly or easily
  • Shape of package made by Vertical FFS  or ‘C’ type FFS not as good as valve sack
  • Cannot self adjust for different widths of bag (but changing length is very easy on Horizontal and Vertical FFS machines)
  • Will your customers accept plastic bags?
  • Are plastic bags tough enough?
  • Do any regulations prohibit the use of plastic bags?
  • Speed – is bagging rate above 200-300 bags/hour
  • Can you run one bag size and weight continuously for a minimum of 2 hours
  • Are your products: fine, aerated, low density, if so FFS may be expensive especially if you pack 3 x 25kg bags/minute
  • No single solution for all businesses
  • On purely economic grounds, FFS is hard to resist
    • Changing from paper to plastic gives a dramatic reduction in packaging material costs
    • Automation provides labour saving
    • Packing speed accelerated throughput gives improved productivity
  • Technical constraints often exclude FFS
    • Very fine, very light powders
    • Moist products which need to ‘breathe’
    • Limited packing rate with problematical products
    • Flexibility, frequent bag size changes
    • Need for special heavy duty packaging or product protection
  • ‘Customer is king’ – customer perception – some markets do not accept plastic bags
  • Improvements in film and machine technology will  increase appeal of  FFS

the price will depend on bagging speed ,and the nature of the product being packed into bags 

Varies by machine model depending on clients requirements.

Solid products, no liquids handled. Depends on product density. Tailored to specific customer requirements.

FFS machines can operate continuously around the clock. Reel ilm changes are only required every 6 hours and only take 10 minutes. The machine does not require an operator to bag.

Unfortunately, Our Form Fill Seal Machines cannot handle liquids but cater to a vast range of solid materials. 

Only a single annual service is typically required.

Bag weight filling accuracy is ±0.5% on given target weight.

Form Fill Seal machines can operate continuously without direct operator input. The machine is capable of performing 24/7. Reel changeovers requires operation to stop but only occurs every 6 hours and only take 5-10 minutes to complete.