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Pallet Protection - Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find commonly asked questions about our Pallet Strapping & Hooding. If you have any question or query which isn't answered on this page, please Contact Us and our expert team will assist you promptly.

How much does a Pallet Strapping machine cost?

What is the required floorspace for a pallet strapping machine?

What is the required operator input?

What size pallets can be wrapped/hooded?

What is the maximum throughput?

Wrapping or Hooding? Which one is best?

What additional options are available with a stretch wrapper?

Can unstable loads be wrapped?

What is the cost of the machine?

Can a stretch wrapper produce a waterproof pallet?

What is the expected cost of a pallet wrapping system?

Can stretch hoods be pre-printed with a company logo?

What maintenance is required?

What is the expected lifetime of a stretch wrapper?

What warranty does the machine come with?

Can the machine operate continuously?

Can Webster Griffin's stretch wrappers handle mini 'dusseldrof' pallets?

What types of products can the stretch wrapper handle?

What sealing device is used?

Can a labelling device be included in the system?

What stops the tail end of the stretch film from unraveling from the pallet?

Can corner protector be applied during the wrapping cycle?