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Big Bag Filling - Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find frequently asked questions about our Big Bag Filling range. If you have any question or a query which isn't answered on this page, please Contact Us and our expert team will assist you promptly.

How much does a Big Bag Filling System cost?

In order to give indication of cost we need to know the nature of the material or product to be filled into the bags. The total throughput in tonnes/hr to be packed and the weight or weights of the full bag. 

What is the floor space required for a Big Bag Filler?

Low Speed, Compact Big Bag Filling Machine (5-10 Big Bags/hr) - 2.0M x 2.0M

Medium Speed Big Bag Filler (10-30 Big Bags/hr) - 4.5M x 6.0M

High Speed Jumbo Bag Filling Line (30-90 Big Bags/hr) - 4.5M x 8.5M

How much head room do I need in my factory for a Big Bag Filler?

Low Speed, Compact Big Bag Filling Machine (10- 60 FIBC'/hr) - 3.0M - 4.5M High

Medium Speed Big Bag Filler (10 -60 Big Bags/hr) - 3.5M - 6.0M High

High Speed Jumbo Bag Filling Line (30 -90 Jumbo bags/hr) - 6.0M - 9.0M High

Why should I purchase a Big Bag Filler from Webster Griffin instead of competitors?

We specialise in Bulk Bag Filling Systems, our machines are very compact and accurate. The ergonomic design of our top models mean they are easy to operate by operators of any height. 

What is the required operator input?

There is minimal manual operator input. The operator applies the empty bulk bag to the machine and ties up the neck of the full bag (robotic application of full bag is possible for some specialised high cost projects). Any control panel functions from start/stop commands to accept weight and bag discharge will also be controlled by the operator.

How is the bag filling machine easy to operate?

To avoid any repetitive strain and unnecessary wear on the machinery the IBC-PF4 and IBC-PW models have an 'ergonomic' bag filling nozzle which moves down and towards the operator - making empty bag application easy and convenient. 

What products can be filled with a Big Bag Filler?

Most dry solid products like powders, granules, flakes, pellets and chips can be filled on a Webster Griffin FIBC filling station. 

What types of bags can be handled?

Big Bag, Bulk Bag, Jumbo Sac, Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers - (4 loop, 2 loop, 1 loop designs). 

Big bags are described in a number of ways around the world. FIBC (Flexible/Fabric Intermediate Bulk Container), Super sac, Grossäck. Flexible Schüttgutbehälter, Sacs Conteneurs, Conteneurs Souples, Bolsas-granded, Sacos Grandes.

Rigid IBC’s, rigid containers, tote bags (steel, plastic, cardboard), Octabins, Gaylord boxes, drums, kegs. 

What weight of bulk bags can be filled on a Webster Griffin Big Bag Filling Machine?

This varies model by model.

Bag weights range from 250kg to 2000kg bags – depending on the construction of the Bulk Bag/FIBC and head room available in the clients' factory. 

Can the Jumbo Bag filling machine handle different height bags?

Yes - all machines are adjustable for variations in bag height and the IBC-PF4 is automatically self-adjusting, therefore no change in parts or operator intervention is required during multi-size bag production runs. 

The IBC range can cater to a vast range of bag sizes from 500 mm to 2200 mm

Can liquids be handled?

No, we cannot fill liquids, only very moist/damp non free flowing materials. 

What maintenance is required on a typical big bag filling line?

We recommend regular inspections, calibration checks, greasing, oiling as required and one annual maintenance service of 2 - 6 hours. We design a specific maintenance schedule for each of our machines. 

What is the expected lifetime of the machine?

Webster Griffin provide spare parts and service support on all Big Bag Fillers we commission. We are still providing spare parts and service for Big Bag Fillers which were installed 25 years ago.

What is the accuracy of filling Bulk Bags and FIBC's?

Filled bag weight accuracy is usually between ±0.1 and ±0.5% of target weight, depending on the product flow characteristics and dosing device used.

What additional features or equipment be supplied the Big Bag Filling machine?

Webster Griffin offer a wide range of standard options - please refer to individual models. 

How to avoid cross-contamination when filling Bulk Bags?

Special food grade versions of most IBC-PF models are available - please contact our technical sales engineer for more information. 

Can the machine be supplied for a hazardous ATEX/Exe environment?

Yes, special ATEX versions are available of most models and applications. 

Can the system operate continuously?

Yes, Webster Griffin bag fillers are designed and built to run continuously. In the plastics and chemical industries, 24 hour operation is the norm. 

How fast can I fill Big Bags/FIBC's on a Webster Griffin Bulk Bag Filling System?

Various models of filling machine are available filling from 5 -  90 Bulk bags/hr.

How do I avoid dust when filling Bulk Bags?

When enquiring please mention that your product contains fine particles, so that we can propose suitable measures for its capture and extraction. 

Can I upgrade my Bulk Bag Filling unit to increase throughput or bagging rate?

Yes, owing to the modular design, features can be added in future, for some models we can offer an upgrade package in order to increase the packing rate and level of automation. 

Are Webster Griffin Bulk Bag machines suitable for packing corrosive chemicals, salt and fertilizer and dusty arid in desert environmrents?

Yes, special build standards, materials and finishes are all selectable to suit clients particular environment.

What is the normal service response time to a Webster Griffin Big Bag Filling Equipment?

We'll endeavour to respond to any customer query by telephone within 2 working hours. Please note after the warranty has expired remote software changes are chargeable unless the equipment is under an after sales service agreement. If the attention of a Webster Griffin service technician is required on site please contact our service department.

How quickly can Webster Griffin provide spare parts on the IBC-PF4 range of bag fillers?

Please submit all enquiries by email to the spare parts department. For standard components held in stock we will quote same day - special parts for for older machines may require a few days. Spares orders are dispatched on receipt of payment or immediately to account holders and service contract subscribers. 

Is a Mobile Big Bag Filling unit available from Webster Griffin?

Yes - mobile versions of most bulk bag filling machines are available. Mobile bagging machines are mounted on wheels or a sub frame which can be moved by a fork lift truck.