Why Are So Many Businesses Investing In Form Fill Seal Bag Packaging Machines?

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Why Are So Many Businesses Investing In Form Fill Seal Bag Packaging Machines?

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As a business owner, you’ll know that the right or wrong product packaging can make or break a sale. In the past packaging only listed product ingredients and serving recommendations.

However, times have changed. Over 80% of customers have tried a new product because its packaging caught their eye. 63% of customers have made a repeat purchase due to a product’s packaging and over 50% have switched brands due to a competitor’s packaging. 

The demand for packaging is also set to grow as the world’s population does, with the global middle class predicted to exceed 5 billion people in a decade. Consumers in this group are also expected to live for longer and have more buying power.

It’s only natural you’ll want to investigate the option of packaging your own products so that you can have total control over the process. For this, you’ll need to invest in the right machinery. Right now, Form Fill Seal (FFS) packaging machines are more popular than ever, and offer a synthesis between the best of film and packaging machinery developments. In fact, the FFS packaging machine market is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.82% in five year’s time. Here’s why these machines are so in demand and whether investing in one would benefit your business.

How Form Fill Seal Bag Packaging Machines Help Meet Online Sale Demand

Form Fill Seal (FFS) machines are packaging machines that form, fill and seal packaging on the same machine. A roll of material is shaped and sealed before the resulting packaging is filled, sealed and separated. This continuous roll of film allows you to automate your bagging operation reliably for hours with unattended operation before needing a reel change.

Recent findings by Mordor Intelligence reveal that FFS packaging machines are becoming the machines of choice for many businesses. Vertical and Horizontal Form Fill Seal machines are suited to creating flexible packaging and are quick and efficient in doing so. You can use these machines to package anything from foods and animal feed to chemicals and aggregates.

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How has Covid-19 Changed Things? 

The Covid-19 epidemic has helped drive demand for more flexible packaging options. More consumers are shopping online. With increased online sales comes a need for impact and puncture-resistant packaging that can handle being passed from person to person. Packages will also be travelling longer distances and in harsh circumstances in trucks or ships. In this situation, flexible packaging can be used as it can handle being dropped or falling without shattering or breaking.

This flexible packaging is often chosen over rigid packaging in these circumstances as it offers strength at a lower cost. Research shows that flexible packaging production uses less material and creates less waste. Compared to its rigid counterparts, it can weigh up to 70% less. This makes it easier and more affordable to transport and store. It can also be equipped with protection against moisture, dust and UV rays.

Due to Covid-19, customers are buying non-perishables in bulk to prevent repeat purchases. They’re also seeking out individual sized portions of other products. Flexible packaging is preferred by customers as it tends to come in a wider range of size options. And with hygiene and safety concerns, single use packaging will likely remain in demand until the pandemic has passed.

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How Form Fill Seal Bag Packaging Machines Help Businesses Lower Costs

As mentioned, the Coronavirus pandemic has boosted online product sales and the demand for flexible packaging made from light and strong films. The food and healthcare industries haven’t been as heavily impacted. However, end-use segments selling nonfoods and premium-goods have experienced reduced demand. Experts believe that this could lead to consumers seeking out lower prices for products in this category. This means that businesses will need to consider reducing their production costs to offset possible losses. 

Investing in a FFS packaging machine could help with this, depending on your desired throughput and what product you’re selling. When compared to using packaging products using pre-made bags from an external source, it will save you money, provided you fill thousands of bags at a rate of over 500 bags per hour, every year.

It does so automatically, eliminating the amount of operators required to be present on the bagging line, freeing them up for other more important tasks. When relying on manual labour, packaging errors can occur and your packaging rate can become considerably slower. Automating your packing line will dramatically boost your productivity, increase your packing rate and reduce human error.

The film used to package products in FFS packaging machines can be printed on before the bags are cut and sealed, further saving you time. Printing it in the machine lets you change product packaging types, batches or lengths without taking time to load a new film roll. It means that a single machine can be used to package an entire product range and offer you various pouch formats with just a few adjustments to the system. 

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Maintenance and Limitations


FFS machines will also save you money and maintenance in the long term. They're easier to clean between batches and with fewer moving parts, they're less likely to break down easily or require constant maintenance. 

There are a few limitations to using FFS packaging machines. They're less suited to short production runs of one bag size (for example, less than 1000 bags weighing 25 kgs each). They’re poorly suited to packaging using paper or storing low density, aerated powders.

It also cannot easily remove trapped air from packages and while it can adjust for different lengths of packages, it’s challenging to adjust for width. Despite this, constant improvements to film sealing technology and powder handling techniques means this could change in the future.

Should Your Business Invest In A FFS Packaging Machine?

It’s apparent that many businesses are switching to using FFS packaging machines to save time and money and better meet the needs of their customers. It could be a solution that benefits your business. If you’re interested in getting one but still have questions or doubts, Webster Griffin can assist. We have over 45 years of experience in providing packaging machinery solutions for businesses big and small. We also don’t believe in offering a single solution to all businesses as we know that every business is unique in its needs. Contact us today so that we can help design a custom packaging solution that ticks all your boxes and leaves you feeling confident in your business’s future.

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